Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Spend More To Fix A Failing Business?

 Amway’s own stats show that the vast majority of IBOs fail.  When you factor in additional expenses such as standing orders and functions, the losses can add up to significant amounts of money.  I haven’t looked recently but the average IBO earned like $200 a month before expenses but that average is deceiving because it includes the “millionaire” diamonds and does not include IBOs that did nothing.   When you factor in all of the business expenses, it’s possible for a large group to lose money collectively with only one higher up diamond or other higher up pins profiting.

But what is truly scary and goes unnoticed by the rank and file is the idiotic advice that diamonds give their down line IBOS.  The advice fir a failing IBO is not to limit expenses or perhaps to stop purchasing tools.  Often these down line are advised to spend even more on tools.  That more Amway education will ultimately lead to success.  Sadly it just results in more business losses and rarely will the advice to spend more when your business is not profitable will rarely help a failing Amway business.

Additionally, upline will push the down line to sponsor others.  Thus an IBO ends up recruiting more failing Amway businesses as a means to succeed.  But for the upline diamond, the churn is just fine.  As long as the newbies buy an Amway kit, perhaps some products and maybe some tools and functions.  Fir the diamonds, this works just fine as long as you can keep replacing the quitters with new recruits.

All the whole, any persistent IBOs will keep churning until they finally realize that their efforts are futile and finally walk away.  Sometimes there are IBOs who get a good start and sponsor others and might have some momentum.  The diamonds will capitalize on this by building up that IBO until they ultimately fizzle out.

But it’s clear that the upline advice serves the diamonds better than the down line.  It’s crystal clear to me but not so much to the newbies or dedicated IBOs who haven’t seen through the scheme yet.  My hope is that prospects or even seasoned IBOs will see this article and see through the bad upline diamond’s advice.

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