Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amway - Lying Or Fake It Till You Make It?

An apparent IBO recently engaged me on facebook. I copied his statements and my responses. He goes by the name "Mike". He engaged me for a few exchanges and then he later comes back a month later to try and recruit me. In the exchange I catch him in a lie. Maybe he is learning fake it till you make it?

August 17 at 2:54pm Mike:
you wouldn't know a real biz if it hit you in the face.... who r u fooling???

Joe says: Who are you? Some Amway dude?

August 17 at 2:58pm Mike:
8.2 bil this year WITHOUT you... will be over 9 bill when the #'s all shake out... all WITHOUT you... r u stupid... this is fact!!! oh you must have a job... mike

Joe says: Amway 9 billion, Walmart 401 billion. No comparison.

August 17 at 3:04pm Mike:
lets see ... yes walmart great co... what do they do... oh they distrib.... only prob. with walmart can't have a biz... 15,000 new ibo's per day... over 40 mil. hits on the web everyday... the ONLY debt FREE co on the web that doing over a bill in biz .... income i'm plat. yrly 35-40 k...

Joe says: Debt free? Good for Amway. You are not Amway.

August 17 at 3:27pm Mike:
first thing you can do is call corp... they will give you doc... have been debt free from day one when rich & jay started... i don't know where you went to school but you must have flunked math... your crazy to think over head is 3k per month... no one gets sucked in... they join on their own... how many people start college and never finish... oh lets see ... they quit... mmmmm spent $$$$ on tuition/ books/ room-board....

Joe says: So are you profitable? Mike responds with the broke loser statement but a month later, he’s back………..

September 14 at 4:45pm Mike:
hey Joe... mike here.... do you want me to sponsor you??? had 3 new people at a home meeting on thur. last week... 2 are in and 1 customer... things are going well... mike

Joe says: It’s great that you had people at your meeting. Having people at a meeting doesn’t make you any money does it?

September 15 at 11:51am Mike:
have ALWAY'S been profitable.... i make a profit in EVERY biz i have... have been since i was 22... mike

Joe says: Are you making a net profit? What level are you?

September 15 at 2:24pm Mike:
yeh.. hi Joe... gas, cd's, functions and other expense 300-400.00 monthly... biggest expense are function weekends... run bout 300.00 for ticket,room and food... made over 50k... high margin of profit... must hang in to build the biz right... mike

Joecool commentary: So this IBO admits his expenses run about $300 to $400 a month to “build the business right”. You will notice that a month ago he was a platinum making $35 to $40K. Now, a month later he says he is making $50K. Clearly he is lying, probably faking it but not making it. Why do so many IBOs need to lie?


Anonymous said...

Joecool, your first reply to Mike is enough to disqualify you from being a professional adviser for potential business opportunity lookers. Let's be honest, you're not professional. This blog serves as an indication to this point.
As for denying that Mike makes $ 50K a month later from $ 40K the previous month, you clearly show that you have no understanding and back that up by claiming that he's lying. Did you know that AIG has been loosing $465,421 per minute as a result of market conditions? Hmmm, and Mike increased by another $ 10K per month, not minute! If loosing that much per minute is hard to grasp, then it's far easier to grasp making that much per month. Get a life man seriously!


Joecool said...

Reading comprehension is not a strength of many IBOs. Mike said he made $35 -$40K yearly. Almost exactly one month later he says he is earning $50K. He is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Reading comprehension is not the point. I know some things that I don't want to reveal to you. Based on that I know that the jump from $ 40K to $ 50K is attainable. Refusing to reveal the reasons as to why that's the case makes me sit back, relax and enjoy watching you as you run in circles trying to chase your own tail. You've been doing a great job and don't seem to ever get tired of it! We're truly blessed to have people like you around!

Joecool said...

LOL, anonymous, you better start reading more carefully. "Mike" says on August 17, 2009 that he makes 35-40K per year. One month later he says he eanrs $50K per year. He is lying. You are defending a liar. You are running in circles trying to justify a lie.

Why don't you post your alleged Amway success and shut us up?

Anonymous said...

I will give you a hint; that was in September when he made that statement. Why? Unfortunately, I won't give you the reason why. But I will give you the reason why not: to let you, sweet boy, get off your laurels and do some research on your own unless you're too lazy to do that. It's easy to say that's he's lying when you're misinformed. Now you have two choices: keep on being misinformed or get your info straight. Probably it's easier to keep on being misinformed and so your next reply won't differ much from your last.

Joecool said...

Anonymous from Canada, on August 17, he said he is platinum making 35-40K a YEAR.

One month later in September, he said he is making 50K. How did his yearly income go up in one month?

It is more likely that Mike is lying through his teeth than not.

Anonymous said...

Joecool, let me repeat myself for the second time in plain English to you, ok?
I won't reveal to you the reason why his income jumped by $ 10K in September. I gave you a hint only. I want you to find out why. I want you to prove that you're indeed a truth seeker versus an opinion man who sounds just as credible.
I won't repeat myself to you the third time.

Joecool said...

Anonymous, let me repeat myself for the second time in plain English to you ok?

He lied. Your income doesn't go from 35-40K to 50K in one month. He is lying.

I won't repeat myself a third time.

Anonymous said...

You won't need to repeat yourself to me again. That would be pointless and a waste of time. You just don't get it and won't get it. To your borderline intellect, whatever doesn't sound feasible must be a lie. I'll leave it off here.

James said...

Dear anonymous:

JoeCool, is stating that the reported income went from $30-40K YEARLY, to $50K MONTHLY. Therefore, his sales increased about $45,000 IN ONE MONTH. That's a 1500% sales increase in one month. Possible-yes but not with "3 new people"

Joecool said...

James is right. Mike lied. And he didn't remember what he told me about his earnings and slipped up. Even his 3 new people were only guests and not IBOs.