Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amway - What Level Are You At?

One of the humorous things about talking to IBOs is how they will talk up success but never reveal their level, as if it is a big secret. Part of what I was taught as an IBO was to fake it till you make it. Or, to pretend to be successful and hopefully you will one day be successful. It is why IBOs also have a mantra to "speak it into existence". As if speaking of success will make it so. The sad reality is probably much different.

As an IBO, when I attended functions, I saw some folks driving cars that were barely alive, but getting out wearing their black suits. Sometimes I wonder if some of the diamonds are the same way, showing off nice suits and cars, but actually living in debt. There is evidence that this is true, as we have learned of more than one diamond having their homes foreclosed, a triple diamond filing for bankruptcy and other stories which seem to confirm that success may be fake or fleeting at best.

This is not to say that nobody is actually wealthy because of their Amway income. I'm sure some of the bigger pins such as crown ambassadors have a nice income from Amway. But these big pins, I believe are far fewer than lottery winners. And in addition to the scarcity of these big pins, it seems that most of them are still working the business hard. I mean traveling from city to city to give speeches doesn't sound like complete control of time and money as advertised in open meetings.

So IBOs and IBO prospects, what level are you at? Are you on schedule to achieve the lofty goals and dreams that were a part of the deal when you saw the plan? If you are not on schedule, ask yourself why not and what must be done to make it happen? If you have been around for more than a month and haven't sponsored a downline, there is a good chance that it will never happen. Do a self assessment. Determine whether you have fulfilled your end of the deal by showing the plan and purchasing and selling products. If you're done your part and are not progressing, maybe you are in the wrong business?


Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven't understood and seen the Amway business. I have just had the privilege of viewing the 50th Anniversary publication that my Executive Diamond was given when they were at Las Vegas for the anniversary. Definitely, it has more Crown Ambassadors and Founders Council than the no. of lottery winners that you mentioned. If there are more lottery winners than successful Amway IBOs, I will definitely quit Amway and buy lottery. Thanks for the sharing.

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