Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amway - 3.4% Of Amway Products Are Sold To Customers?

What store can survive by self consuming 96.6% of their own goods? I don't know of any and that includes Amway businesses. Buying from yuorself makes you a customer and not a business. Here's the link and article:

Over on the Ada-tudes blog there was an article by Todd Krause which seemed to address some comments made on an earlier article he wrote about Quixtar sales. Anyway I found it a bit funny that he was addressing those who made statements to the effect that the corporation does not have the credibility to tell IBOs how to sell or build Quixtar/Amway businesses. Todd Krause agreed with the statements saying it was not their intention to go around IBO leaders.

Well in my opinion the corporation is doing more to teach IBOs how to sell a product then IBO leaders are. IBO leaders are concentrating on teaching IBOs how to sell a "system". One look at the numbers that only 3.4% of all Quixtar sales were sold to actual customers tells you how good the IBO leaders have been at teaching selling techniques. So I don't think the IBOs should concern themselves so much with where the teaching is coming from, 3.4% isn't exactly a high bar that has been set.


quixtarisacult said...


The Amway scam comes from making all 'customers' believe they are 'distributors.' The only product being offered by these erstwhile businessmen are an endless chain of 'business opportunities' harnessed to the idea that people buying into the business will themselves be Amway's best customers. They get scammed by the teaching of 'being core.'

The distribution chain of distributors actually is a chain of customers who believe that the pyramid scheme will in the end pay out like a slot machine at some future time. What these people engage themselves in is an 'advanced fee fraud' or more correctly described as a 'closed market swindle.'

"Steal a little and they call you a thief; Steal a lot and they call you Amway."

Anonymous said...

The new way of creating customers salesin Amway- just register your neighbor, relative or somebody as a client on the Amway site- registering a client online is basically like creating an email account and then ship your personal purchases to that registered client's address - Voila..u have a client win for everybody. Any client order more than $75 for the past 2 yrs i think and currently as well- shipping fee is waived and orders placed online through the client number give 20% PV/BV uplift as well to the IBO and plus they qualify for additional bonuses. Amway gets to report increased customer sales. What an innovative idea which is currently being used by all IBOs in my upline's (he is a big pin) line of sponsorship. Amway is all about honesty and integrity u see

Anonymous said...

that was so funny, i forgot to laugh!