Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amway - Avoid All Negatives?

One of the things that I was taught as an IBO, and I believe is still taught to IBOs is that you should avoid negative. Don't fill your head with negative thoughts. Only filter in positive by reading inspiring AMO approved books, listen to feel good standing orders and attend functions where you can gain positive association. Don't watch the news or other television as you may see negative. With this kind of teaching, I can easily see why some groups in Amway have been called cults or cultlike.

Basically, what upline is teaching you to do is become apathetic. Don't pay attention to the news, don't keep up with current events. Only listen to cds cut by Amway diamonds. Yet some of these same folks want you tell you who to vote for or influence you on various decisions. Deprive you of information and then influence you on important decisions. Did I mention that some groups in Amway have been called cults or cultlike?

There have been studioes showing that people need some "stress" in their lives. Obviously, too much stress can lead to health problemd, but having zero stress can be detrimental as well. If you lived in a sterile environment all of your life, exposure to the real world could prove fatal to you as your body could not fight off weak germs. Not being able to feel any pain could also be damaging to your body as minor injuries can become life threatening infections if not cared for.

While avoiding negatives in your life may seem like sound advice, I would take this with a grain of salt. Sure, you don't want to be overwhelmed with negatives, but the complete absence of any negative will make it hard to be able to do any critical thinking of your own. Critical thinking is important to your decision making process. If you are truly a business owner, you will have to make some important decisions to run an effective business. Avoiding negative and shutting off your critical thinking may not be in your best interest.

Do you really think that living in a sterile Amway business only environment is the way to go?


Amthrax said...

The upline leaders have time to watch tv, go to movies, keep up on current events, but they don't want their downlines to do the same. Delayed gratification is their justification, but in reality -- JoeCool has it right -- it's just another method to shape how you should think and act.

Joecool said...

Many uplines will advise downline to do things they don't do. How many diamonds wear catalog suits for example? Funny how these upline leaders want to control the lives of their downline yet insist they are not acting like a cult.