Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amway - WWDB Dream Building?

I have been in touch with an IBO who is in WWDB. Apparently dream building is a big part of WWDB. While it is good to have goals and dreams, I find it somewhat interesting to know that only a select few people in WWDB ever reached these goals and dreams because of their involvement with WWDB and Amway. In fact, despite claims by our upline that WWDB was the "best" and more profitable LOS, there is little or no evidence that this is true. I have not seen many new diamonds emerge from WWDB, but on the contrary, I have seen evidence of WWDB diamonds having their homes foreclosed and/or involvement with bankruptucy.

In my opinion, this dream building approach is simply a tactic to get a prospect interested in the opportunity and then the upline will tell the prospect that the way to achieve these dreams is to be dedicated to the system (WWDB). This is the same system that has few new diamonds and diamonds in apparent financial difficulty. These dreams may also help to retain some IBOs in the system as it would seem that quitting Amway and WWDB means these dreams are no longer attainable.

If you are an information seeker or a struggling IBO, a question you may want to consider is whether your dedication to Amway and WWDB progressing you towards these stated dream or if you are simply channeling your money into products and training materials which helps achieve other people's dreams?

Below is an excerpt from a WWDB IBO about dreambuilding:

So that’s why we have pictures and words of affirmation around our house. When you come into our condo you’ll see words like “Overcome”, “do the opposite of the masses”, “The best is yet to come”, “Play Injured”, “Are you living a dream, or just living your life”, “Break through the wall of fear”, “We' re all in” and more. We believe these things motivate us and give us a dream. Then you’ll see stuff on our fridge like pictures of Kelowna where we want to live, Wineries, because we love wine, in my office you’ll see a picture of a Breitling Chronomat B01 watch because that’s the watch I want, you’ll see magazines with inspirational things in them that relate to us. It’s these things that keep our dreams alive.

It’s so important to do this whether you are building this business or not. This what i’m writing about is part of the 95% of what we do with World Wide Dreambuilders. The 5%, the Amway Global portion is the vehicle for the 95%. You need a dream, goals and passion so that you have something to work towards.

We’ve got BIG dreams, and so should you!


Anonymous said...

Dream building:

We were highly encouraged to put our dreams on fridge and dream boards, restroom mirrors, car steering wheel, as screensaver in computer, pictures/goals on ceiling, so that you can look at them first thing in the morning and last thing at night- even email passwords were like diamond 2012, eagle_4000pv ..so on.

Speakers from the stage always talked about how they were able to take off their dreams from the fridge which meant that they had achieved their dreams.

As a matter of fact we never achieved a single dream that we put up on our fridge. The worst part is when you get your kids involved in the dreams and give them false dreams and beliefs like – if they go to the baby sitter now, they will be able to go to the Q12 trip in Florida and diamond club in Hawaii very soon (very soon..yeah right).

If you think logically, you will not be in the business , losing money every month. The dreams, your kids dreams- these emotional dreams keep you in the business. In fact, many of the speakers have mentioned from the stage that this business is not built on logic but on emotions. Every time you think about not pursuing the business aggressively, you will think..”How can I ever quit my dreams”? Many speakers from WWDB have mentioned on cds- “How can you give up on the dreams u have put on your fridge- Aren’t they yours anymore?”

Joecool said...


Thank you for sharing your experience and providing that insight.

Anonymous said...

In the name of dream building, we have taken our downlines to look around the beautiful homes in the neighborhood and have taken pictures. Have been to open houses with our downlines to dream build. If a downline said they liked a particular model of a car- then ordered the brochure of that model from the maker’s website and gave them the pictures- This way created emotional bonds with them. Ordered free cruise and other travel brochures and cut out pictures for our dream wall or gave it to people on our team. Went to stores with ladies on the team, to look for the gowns- they would wear on their platinum/diamond recognition.

Whenever a diamond was in town or in night owls at functions, they gave their watch/ring for us to try on and take a picture.

We were encouraged to write a resignation letter without a date on it and keep it our pocket and take it out and read it to urself, if boss gave tough time at job. We were told to dream about how great our last day at work would be- to dream about doing outrageous things on the last day of ur work- like renting out a helicopter and having your wife and kids come get you out the JOB (supposedly JAIL in Amway).

When we went to open meeting or product meeting, we told the kids that we are going to go diamond meeting. Whenever we went to show plan, we told kids, we had to go and help people, help the “aunty/ mommy come home”.

Well, having a dream wall or dream building is not a bad thing- but in Amway- u will have only big dreams and stay in business for dreams- there is no real means to achieve those dreams. One of the main reasons people get attracted to this opportunity is because IBO’s talk about such grand things.

rocket said...

All I can say is if your big dream is living in Kelowna, you need to get out more.....

Anonymous said...

I think that you are a paranoid, deluded individual. If you truly built an Amway business, you can't say that your dreams will only be dreams with Amway. My guess is that you're an impostor or an excuse riddled person who got nothing better than another sensational entertainment story to share with your audience.

Joecool said...

Who said my dream were only from Amway? Did I even mention what my drea,s were? You are a deluded anonymous blogger apparently.

Anonymous said...

I have owned my own Amway business for 30 years. I am not a big shot in the business, but over the last 30 years this business has added in total about 2 million extra dollars to our household. That alone changed are lifestyle. You can call it a dream or a reason but in any business you have your ups and your downs and when you have your downs or doubt creeps in, (which happens to most people in business) remembering why will motivate you to keep moving forward, it did me.

I sat down with a guy not long ago and he said "I tried that thing, you can't make any money with Amway." Here are the facts;

Amway has been in business for over a half a century, they are a global giant doing business in over 80 countries and territories and are approaching 12 billion in annual sales. The average monthly Gross Income for “active”Amway IBO's was USD $202 (in the U.S.)/CAD $198 (in Canada).and Approximately 46% of IBO's in the U.S., and 48% of IBO's in Canada, were determined to be“active.”

I told him a little more than half the people that register don't do anything or quit, which should not surprise anyone. From a business standpoint these numbers are excellent and that he was one of the people that didn't do anything." He said " I wouldn't say I didn't do anything" and I said "I've been in this business for 30 years, be honest you did nothing productive and then you quit." he said " well I guess you're right."

I just looked for the ones with a big enough reason / dream, that were willing to do something about it, were willing to learn and were not quitters.

Joecool said...

That's a really nice story but to be honest, it sounds like total bullshit.