Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 2-5 Year Hoax?

One of the things I heard, and is still promoted is the concept of a 2-5 year plan to financial freedom. As a prospect, 2-5 years of hard work in your spare time sounds resonable. Afterall, anyone can work an extra 12 hours a week for a couple of years with that kind of reward awaiting you at the end. The sad reality is that you are likely to suffer 2-5 years of financial losses without getting any closer to financial freedom.

When Amway morphed into Quixtar, a very relevent question was how many diamonds were "quixtar only", meaning they signed up in 1999 when quixtar was implemented and then became diamonds in the advertised 2-5 years. As far as I know, there were very few (if any) new diamonds. The new diamonds that were named all seemingly came from other countries, not the US or Canada. Even now, my former LOS (WWDB) is touting "double eagle rubies" which is not a recognized achievement by Amway (as far as I know), and there is no assurance that achieving such a level makes an IBO profitable.

Even today, I do not see a stead stream of new diamonds emerging from Amway. If the 2-5 year plan actually worked, there would be new diamonds constantly emerging. Instead, my former LOS (WWDB), actually has fewer diamonds now than back in my IBO days. And of those diamonds who remain, some of them had home foreclosed and it also appears that at least a few of them ran into some financial difficulties. Make me wonder what a diamond's finances actually look like. I suspect many of them live in debt, especially if they flaunt the "diamond lifestyle", which is probably not sustainable on diamond income as reported by Amway.

So while it might be possible to achieve diamond in 2-5 years (some have done it), but tens of millions have tried. It is much more likely that you will win the lottery (provided you have a ticket) than it is likely that you will join Amway and go diamond. It is also unlikely that people in the US and Canada who join will go diamond in the advertised 2-5 years. The 2-5 year plan is not promoted by Amway, but by the LOS leaders. I believe it is a hoax and the numbers back up my claim. You are much more likely to be better off working part time for 2-5 years and saving and investing for your future. If not, you will end up with 2-5 years of losing money on functions and standing orders.

As many Amway leaders will state: Look at the fruit on the tree. In the US and Canada, the trees are bare.


ExAmbot said...

2-5 year plan - the biggest hoax perpetrated on new unsuspecting prospects. you are right it's never promoted by amway and neither do they discourage it. i suspect it's because they can keep their arse clean should it brew any trouble - after all they have all the numbers and they know it doesn't work, numbers don't lie. nevertheless, this hoax is good for business (for amway-brings in new sign ups) so it continues unabated.

i stopped being active in 2009. by then i knew of no "Quixtar" diamond. i would be surprised if there's any. these cult leaders are crafty if even ibo's cannot wonder and question the 2-5 year plan as they continue to repeat the lie. i mean where's the fruit? just for kicks i think i may let me be prospected to see the plan so i can just tear at that hoax.

Surely it's time to shut down amway and similar ilk. the trail of destruction left in their wake is extensive and therein a justified reason!

Anonymous said...


Ain't it the truth? They talked up Quixtar like it was the second coming of Christ. I'm not kidding - I expected the clouds to part in 1999.

I was in San Diego at Free Enterprise Day with some very savvy and successful business people that we had recruited, and we had them hyped up as well.

Drum roll..............after a production that rivaled Oprah's finale, the announcement was made. A hush came over the room. Tear flowed.


It made absolutely not a bit of difference in our business from that point on. No one we showed the plan to was impressed with Quixtar.

It went the way of Magna-bloc, Shaq bars, and the original water treatment system.

Any guesses that within 5 years, ambot newbies will say, "Quixtar? What's Quixtar. Never heard of it. But it doesn't matter cuz' we don't do things like THAT any more. You must have been lazy losers who didn't work your businesses."

Oh, Wise Ambot Won Kanobi, you are in for such a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

i would love to show you the plan and let you try and tear it apart. when its all said and done you will be begging me to sign you up. and by the way i hit double eagle in just 7 months.

Joecool said...

Do you even know what double eagle is?

Ramya Pradeep said...

Hey Anonymous,

Could u pls show me the plan as well..I wid love to listen to it...

Anonymous said...


whoops! lol =P