Monday, May 16, 2011

What Has Your Upline Accomplished?

I recently read a comment from an Amway zealot on another blog. She mentions that someone's credentials must be considered when looking at information that is presented. I will comment that showing me a sports car or a fancy suit is not proof of financial success. Telling the audience that you buy homes in cash is not proof either. In fact, some of these diamonds were found to have their homes foreclosed and some had financial difficulty, even though they at times had shown off pictures of their lifestyles. I believe that many diamonds are likely to be more like the general US population - in debt. In debt trying to portray a lifestyle that is unsustainable with their Amway and Amway related income.

I find this subject ironic because not one single upline leader, as far as I know, has ever supplied bonafide credentials about themselves. The audience assumes that the person on stage has certain credentials, but do they really? I will say that certainly, if someone is wearing a diamond pin for example, that this person has at least achieved the diamond level as recognized by Amway, but the level may not be current, and the level doesn't indicate the kind of income this person earns from Amway. (Joecool is criticized for being outdated even though I was at 4000 PV at one point in my Amway career)

What many people assume is that the diamonds buy homes and cars in cash, that they wake up at noon every day and participate in leisure activities all day while the cash rolls in. I have heard from some new IBOs, that their upline makes more money taking a crap in the morning than a critic makes in a whole year at a job. That IBO became quiet when some critics offered to take that bet.

But the truth of the matter is that as far as I know, only former diamonds have come clean about their Amway income. They are the only ones who spoke of credentials and accomplishments. Even critics of Amway will often openly speak about their experiences and achieved levels in the business. In the REAL business world, showing business tax returns and credentials are a normal part of doing business. It appears that only in the world of Amway is the supply of credentials and financial statements a big secret. Now I am not suggesting that IBOs or upline leaders should disclose their financials to the entire world, but certainly prospects and some downline should be able to see what their upline is doing financially, especially if that is the basis for purchasing their standing orders and function tickets. And I refer to business (Amway and Tools) income and expenses only, not from other personal sources.

I believe that IBOs and upline leaders do not disclose that information because it would not be beneficial to them. If it were, they would likely publish it freely, just as they flash around copies of checks. IBOs and prospects should take this to heart and ask upline the tough questions


ExAmbot said...

Here is the way i see it - Amway is a cult. they have to control the flow of information to maximize benefit to them. if the info is true but detrimental no one hears about it. this whole thing is a hoax. so credentials, income, etc has to be shrouded in mystery. imagine my shock after spending a good 7 years at this thing only learn just recently that the scumbags make the bulk of their income from tool sales and some have even fallen out of diamond qualification? they can't argue against that. i would have left sooner had i known about stuff like this. thus, they will not share such info. disgusting bottom of the earth scumbag feeders!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ex-Ambot;

Tell us how you really feel. You just gave me a giggle.

They spend an enormous time at functions insulting any possible business questions like those mentioned.

When I think of buying a business, the first thing I insist on is studying their Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, see a run of their Trial Balance and I even want to look at the last entire years' General Ledger. I'm looking for patterns.

I want to see their checkbook balance that day; projects sold on the books, revenues collected against those jobs, etc.

I want to call a large number of their vendors and subs and ask about their history of payment to them.

I want to know the overhead: rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

Call me crazy, but this is just the beginning of my research into a real business.

I want to see their Corporate Income Tax Statements for the last 5 years. Ever been audited? Who is their accountant? How long with them?

Do they have employees? O.K., a record of their workman's comp. and EMOD rating. Medical insurance, general liability ins., DES (dept. of economic security - unemployment insurance), and on.

If you ask them these questions they get defensive. In reality, they have no clue what you're talking about. They need time to run to their accountants for that info.

The canned response is: "See, with amway, you don't have to any of that."

That's right, b/c you don't have a real business. You signed up to hawk overpriced stuff. Have fun.