Friday, May 27, 2011

The "Proven" System?

Many uplines and IBOs will talk about their system. More often than not, the various systems such as WWDB or Network 21 will tout themselves as the best, fastest growing, proven, and most profitable. I know that was promoted when I was an IBO and I believe it is still promoted this way. There are many comments on the internet from IBOs and recently former IBOs that indicate that this is true. But let's take a look at these claims.

How does one determine the best? You really can't. The best is an opinion unless there are established criteria on what constitutes the best. Of course, every upline will think their group is the best, but what can factually be derived from that claim? If you are an IBO or prospect of Amway, try asking that question. Based on what do you make the claim of being the "best" group or system?

Fastest growing can be proven or disproved. But for the most part, we know that Amway isn't growing by leaps and bounds in North America. During the Quixtar tenure, it appeared that Amway sales in NA either stagnated or even shrank. Amway supporters cite overall Amway sales going up, but it's reasonable to conclude that the increase in sales is primarily in foreign countries. For some odd reason, Amway no longer reports North American sales, but simply lumps everyhing into a global sales figure.

As for any system to be making claims of proven, all these systems have basically done is proven that they are dismal failures. Based on Amway's own figures, we can deduce that less than half of one percent of IBOs ever reach the platinum level. The platinum level is approximately where you might see a small profit if that platinum is CORE. There is some documentation indicating that platinums might lose money at that level. While the study is dated, the expenses associated with being a platinum have gone up significantly since that study (Wisconsin Attorney General) so it can be very possible that platinums continue to see a net loss these days. It's also very visible that there are fewer diamonds in north America today than a dozen years ago. Diamonds have quit and some were terminated. It appears that most new diamonds come from foreign countries where Amway has not ye suffered reputation issues.

Makng claims of fastest growing is also one that can be proven. However, try asking your sponsor or upline for evidence of this claim. Also, is the growth occuring in your area? Are you from the US or Canada? Citing growth in Korea for example, is unlikely to mean anything for the vast majority of IBOs. And even if there is some growth, how does that translate as leverage or an advantage for you? Aks these questions and see what answer you receive, if any.

The system is proven for sure. But it's proven to be a failure. The numbers supplied by Amway clearly back up this claim.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, JoeCool says it and that's proof?

WTF? Get a life buddy.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right on. We heard that same exact crap for years and they never had to prove any of it. They just say it and it's the new gospel according to the Kingpin on stage that night. God help you if you dare question anything.

People clap and cheer when they hear diamonds telling them they are fools for working J.O.B.s.

What, exactly, do they think paid for that function if not the J.O.B.?

They insult everything about your life: where you shop, eat, live. How you spend your free time, your money, your relaxing time. They are softening you up - making you doubt everything you've ever known about a normal life. (cult, anyone?) They convince you to be dissatisfied about everything.

Riddle me this ambot diamonds: God says to be content in whatever station you are in. Hmmm..............God says be content. Amway teaches extreme discontentment.

Whovever shall I believe? From whom shall I take counsel?

Well, that would be God.

anon 2:31 - We have awesome lives. Thank you for your uplifting and positive comment.

Amway, the power of positive. Right.


Anonymous said...

anon, BE GONE!

ExAmbot said...

This is an interesting topic and i'm glad it is on.

We in BWW were told over and over again that BWW was the best org, fastest growing, most profitable same yada yada. i used to be so confused because WWDB CDs had the same mesgages (these two swap speakers and CDs occasionally.) further within bww the same extended to particular orgs. Gala galaxy was the best los. and even further within it ibos would claim their particular diamond los is the best LOS. whatever.

eventually i concluded it was an ownership mentally as they taught it. in fact they went even further claiming that bill britt had the biggest org in the world and the biggest crown ambassador. let's see he is downline to dexter yaeger, the undisputed kingpin with at least $40 million a year income from cd/tape/book sales etc. by the 1990's, dexter is a CA with 60 FAA points while bill britt's was 40 FAA points if i recall correctly.

so my conclusion is this was this was all sycophantic rhetoric, you know much ado about nothing. third world countries have politicians who are good at these kind of rhetoric towards an imbecile dictator.

ExAmbot said...

Anonymous 2.31

Why don't you factually challenge joe's position instead of issuing a dribble of a baseless line from a seemingly sparse mind? then you just might stand a chance to win someone over. but you can't help yourself can you. because you didn't check upline to be here on "the bathroom wall of the world" you don't have any facts to go on do you?

in the meantime as much as i would like to tell you to go wilt somewhere instead i will give you a tip, go read the book "How to win friends and influence people." you don't have to check upline it's in your recommended list and seems yo u haven't read it yet.

Anonymous said...