Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Success Speaks Louder Than Words!

I heard a great comment from a commentator on a related Amway blog. Basically, he said if IBOs were so successful, people would just naturally be attracted. And that's true! Where I live, the local electric company is an attractive place to work with a good salary and benefits package. When there's a handful of openings, you might get as many as 6,000 people applying for these positions. When the federal government hires for the post office, you get thousands of applicants for a handful of jobs as well.

But IBOs have to justify their positions. The common ones are how Amway products are concentrated, or they have magical ingredients in their vitamins. It is my position that if these products were so good and the opportunity actually produced successful IBOs, there would be no need to be deceptive about the products or opportunity. The products could easily me marketed. In fact, cutsomers would be seeking IBOs to find the products and there would be lines of people waiting to see the opportunity.

Instead, IBOs themselves are the primary consumers of Amway products. Many IBOs are deceptive when inviting people to see the Amway plan. Some prospects are outright lied to when recruited for the Amway opprtunity. The curiosity approach is still used by many, because mentioning "Amway" is more likely to get you funny looks than interest. If what I am writing is not true, why do IBOs need to deceive people? Why don't some IBOs open their books and display the financial success they claim to have? Why so secretive? Why aren't there hoards of new diamonds and emeralds each month? Instead, you mainly hear of the Amway growth in foreign countries. Most likely because the Amway name and reputation has not yet been soiled as it has in the US and Canada.

In the US, I see primarily the same old diamonds who were in control of the functions and systems from more than 12 years ago. In fact, factoring in diamonds who quit or dropped out, I believe there are fewer diamonds now than when I was an IBO. Some of these diamonds also had some apparent financial difficulties. The opportunity is far from how it's promoted. Success spakes louder than words, and where North American Amway success is concerned, the silence is deafening!


Meh said...

Yah, and where's your success JoeCool? What have you done besides baching Amway? What do you to to help people? My upline is saving people and all you do is tear them down. Get a life you looser

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true ambot.

For the record, we have many many times over described our successes.

And, for the record, WE DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU A DAMNED THING ABOUT OUR SUCCESSES AND WHAT WE DO TO HELP PEOPLE OR SAVE PEOPLE. We aren't the ones going around declaring we'll be rich in 2-5, and anyone who isn't in amway is a loser. Gads.

If you ever needed brain surgery, would you want a successful amobt doing it or an actual brain surgeon? We can't all be ambots - thank God!

We have amazing lives without amway, and that's what you can't stand!

FYI, loser has one 'o.'


Joecool said...

Aurora, it's the cult teaching. You cannot help people or be successful in life with out Amway.

I'd like to know how Meh's upline is helping people. My upline used to say the same thing, except he mistakenly thought that he was helping people by showing them the Amway plan.

Anonymous said...

haha what kind of a name is "meh"? and he can't even spell. "baching"? ROFL what a dipstick!

**proud Amway hater**

ExAmbot said...

Amway stinks! The opportunity stinks - as kingpins say the numbers don't lie. a success rate of less than 1% is pathetic but like many other data not in good light of amway that is/was never shared - deception!

amway survives because IBOs on kool aid are themselves the primary consumers of cr@py, overpriced Amway products. so as there are very few sales to outsiders this "business" is a pyramid that uses the pretext of products to transfer money from the bottom IBOs to kingpin leaders. and don't get me started that it's not because a downline can build a bigger "business" heck the cash is still going in one direction-up to kingpins and the owners-they are billionaires an't they?

i know i was not knocking down doors to enter this "business" and in fact that (2002) was the first time i had heard of quixtar/amway/whatever. i wondered like many others if this "opportunity" was so good how come i had never heard about it. some IBOs eg. platinums are not glib of speech so they had an answer ready - something about exercising 3 or more times a week is doctor recommended but how many people do it? sounds familiar? i was to later adopt this and many other quips as i deceived excuse me i mean as i "built" my "business"

i mean let's talk with numbers. what a the stats from amway less than 99.9% make it to diamond. in fact less than that number ever make $100k /year net. success speaks louder than words but not amway success!

ExAmbot said...

Meh, is high on kool aid. "upline saves people" - boy i never heard of that one.

ok so meh's upline is so noble what about you meh , you don't sound like you are duplicating your upline to save people, you don't sound like you have enough confidence to do what your "noble" upline is doing. you sound like a noisy stoogecrat, new to amway because you are! didn't your upline tell you not to read these "negative" blogs? seriously what are you doing here? did you check upline to be here?

my upline used to tell his prospects that he told the speaker the he the prospect, is a sharp guy. this was thinly disguised to deflect or stop the prospect from asking hard questions. meh don't spew what you hear on CDs - we know it all, we were where you are. shut up we just might think you are sharp!

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Meh" is an interjection, often used as an expression of apathy, indifference, or boredom. However, it can also be used to indicate agreement or disagreement. It can also be an adjective, meaning mediocre or boring.

In this case Meh is just another Brainwashed, Braindead Ambot barely worth responding to. Representative of the typical Amway moron that posts kindergarten comments here and on other Anti-Amway Forums and blogs.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Joecool said...

I don't understand who IBOs think they are helping people? Showing people the Amway plan isn't helping them. Having them join Amway hurts most people's bank accounts. How do IBOs help others? They only help people IF they join and they they HELP themselves to their resources by selling them false hopes and useless tools.

ExAmbot said...

help is the most thrown around word in amway and i came to dislike it's sound, still do! because it meant a cost to me. my upline would say "you are close to this bracket i want to help you get over. so this is the item you can order to give you the extra p.v." well you want to help me then pay for the darn thing yourself!

never trust an ambot when they utter the word "help." the only helping they know is how to help themselves to others' cash, wittingly or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I went to an Amway siminar last night and first i thought pyramid scheme for sure....the more the gentlemen talked the more i thought this was someting that i could benefit from. I am a very motivated person and feel like i could sell a fish water.....although I am aware of the negatives of this business, what positives do it bring if any? What determines the failure? r the products bad? I was also told a lot of the products you purchase can be written of for taxes purposes....if this is true, then y do so many fail? someone out there who had some success with this talk to me....

Joecool said...

I had some "success" in Amway. I did pretty much what upline told me. I did 4000 PV, which is about $12,000 a month in sales. I made no net profit.

In order to succeed, you will be told you need tools, normally consisting of seminars, cds, voicemails, book and some other materials. The cost of these "tools" almost guarantee that most IBOs will lose money.

If you can sell overpriced products and do not participate in tools, you might be able to make some money. But if you are good at selling, I would suggest you sell real estate or other goods. It will be easier to sell and you will earn more.

Anonymous said...

If you did 4000PV (12,000) per month how come you didnt generate any profit? What was their excuse? more tools? I was told someting similar, they wanted me to purchase CD's, books etc...I look @ this business two ways...on one hand you can try to sell products and fail..or try to con people to signing on and utilize amway products and still not reach the level of success promised...where can i go to look up success rates of this company? If only less than 1% actually make any profit.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:59;

If you really understood the 'negatives' of amway, you would run, and run fast the other way.

Get on these blogs and promise yourself you will read no less than one hour a day for 30 days straight before you talk to your 'sponsor' again. Tell them you need 30 days to think it over. You may need to hand them clean underwear at the same time. Be extremely firm. If it's good today, it will be good tomorrow.

It always amazes me the urgency with which they desparately try to get you to sign the dotted line. (And, no, the world will not end tomorrow despite what that preacher said.) Not signing for a nice long time will give you true peace. Everytime you say no, you keep your money. The minute you sign, open up your wallet.

They go on and on about what a fantastic Christian company they are and how they live to serve God, and how God got them into this business and on and on. But the minute you want to pray about and counsel with real business people, suddenly no one else could possibly have your best interests at heart. Only amway has the monopoly on what's best for you.

They don't even know you! I'll bet you've been told how sharp you are, how you will be able to relate to others like you, everyone else will try to steal your dream. yada yada yada

You will be told you can work this business at your own pace, but to be successful, guess what? That's right - books, tapes, and functions are the magic ingredient. And just your dare try not going to any functions, buying their approved books, and not listening to their CASSETTE TAPES. You're in the shit house, boy!

Joecool said...

Anonymous @2:32, I said I made no "net" profit. Here's how it works. My upline asks me if I trust him. Being a long time friend I say of course. He tells me that immersion in the system the the key to success. Some of this was confirmed by standing order tapes/cds. So my sponsor says look, to grow and be an example, you need to do 300 PV personal circle (I was single), you need an additional 5-7 tapes each week and if you have downline who quit, you pay for their standing orders. You buy extra books and being from Hawaii, our major functions costed over $1000 because we are paying airfare at peak travel times, plus the function tickets, then hotels, rental cars, eating out, etc etc.

When you factor that in, even platinums can end up losing money.

ExAmbot said...

Anon 11.59

it's a good thing you are looking to understand whatnot about this "business" before jumping in.

i agree with annon 2.57 it's simply the best advice anyone can give out. yes take the 30 days to do your own research. every diligent person should always do so. that was my mistake and it cost me dearly - time and money (over $30 grand and 7 years.) it doesn't matter what amwayites will tell you about getting advice only from the people who have succeeded in the "business." you do your own research then decide go or no go.

i don't want to influence you in any way. you have heard their side now learn about the other side of the story. start with these blogs, read everything. in the first 2 blogs you will come across the numbers you are asking for, all provided in one place for purpose of analysis and all are official from amway.(sorry i don't have the direct link but you should find them as you browse thro', if not let us know i am sure somebody knows the link)
google and download a free book called Merchants of Deception by Eric Scheibeler. it's all over the web. he attained the level of emerald in amway so it's full of insider information that most amwayites are unaware of.

these resources should give you the other side so you can have some real questions for your contacts to get a balanced view.

then revert let us know how it goes. good luck!