Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amway After A Few Months?

I send this message to inform IBOs tha they should be aware of their circumstances in business. What I mean is when you are a new IBO, it is common for you to buy/sell your 100 PV, and perhaps listen to some cds. If you basically did what your sponsor or upline advised, you made your 100 PV bonus level and you will receive a bonus from Amway for about $10. If you did as advised by your upline/sponsor, then you likely made a namelist and started contacting some potential business partners aka prospects. You're probably a bit excited because things are going as you expected. You did your part and a bonus is on it's way to your doorstep. Heck, you may have even sponsored a friend or relative because of your newly found excitement and enthusiasm.

But what happens after a few months? If you are still doing 100 PV and have no downline, then what are the chances that you will ever achieve anything? Your excitement is wearing off and now the Amway opportunity is becoming "work". You are also starting to notice that it is starting to get expensive to continue to purchase products, many of which you never purchased before. For example, were you buying cases of energy drinks and "high end" vitamins before Amway? Did you buy $50 cases of bottled water before Amway? Supposedly their laundry soap and other cleaners are highly concentrated, therefore your consumables are the nutrition/vitamin products.

Even if you managed to find some downline, are they duplicating what you do? Are they also moving volume and sponsoring downline? If not, what are your chances of fulfilling the 6-4-2 plan or some similar version of it. When I saw the plan, I thought it was reasonable and I was on my way to platinum. What I discovered though, is that as you progress, upline has greater expectations of you and that includes more tool purchases. (I was in WWDB). In the end, my recommended tool purchases ate up any profits I had and at the 4000 level, I was just about breaking even, which means I was at a loss when factoring in my time spent and other miscellaneous expenses such as gas money.

Where are you at? If you're been in for more than a year, are you on schedule to become platinum or are you at 200 PV with one downline? Maybe you have a small group with 600 PV? You still aren't close to a net profit. For the vast majority of people, success is not right around the corner. What's around the corner for most is more time lost, more money expended, and no progress. If your group is now growing each and every month, you are sliding backwards. If you don't constantly have new IBOs coming into the group, you are probably stagnant. With about half of IBOs dropping out each year, keeping a group together is a tremendous task.

IBOs, where are you at after a few months? Where are you at after a year? If you haven't gone platinum, it is nearly a certainty that it will never happen, despite what your upline might say. The facts are there, it's a matter of whether you want to believe it or not.


Anonymous said...

You failed because you quit! Quitter never win! Don't you get it? You quit. What don't you understand about that? Get a life you loser.

Anonymous said...

hey anon....you're a piece of trash and need to be taken to the dumpster like all the rest of amway. what don't you understand about THAT?!

**proud Amway hater**

Joecool said...

If you (anon) bothered to read my profile, I "quit" because I did what my upline advised, reached a somewhat significant level and was not making a profit. What's the business for? To make my upline rich at my expense?

Anonymous said...

Listen pal, you quit and now your bitter. If you stuck it out you could have been a diamond by now but you quit so you sit in your mess bellyaching and hoping to bring down the dreams of others. No sir, not on my watch.

Joecool said...

So anon at 1:44, what exactly are you going to do to stop me?

Anonymous said...

Way to throw down the gauntlet, JoeC!!

YOu can spot a newbie amcult member a mile away. They all say EXACTLY the same thing - we are lazy loser quitters who didn't know how to work a business.

Spoken like a true child. I know you are, but what am I?

This post is going to be loads of fun. Hey, Newbie, don't go running off to your upline mommies and daddies on this one. No, sirree. You stick around here like a man, you know, how they tell you zip your pants in the front from stage. Have you heard that one yet? You will.

You see, we've heard them all for decades, so we're way ahead of you in the platitude game. We can go toe-to-toe with you for years. Actually, it's become a sport for us.

We eat your kind for breakfast.



Ex said...


When i was doing scamway annon at 1:44 is the kind of guys i wanted in my team. loyal to the bone, bleeds nothing but scamway, never misses anything year after year even though he may not have sponsored anyone in the last year or two. why? he helped me fill in the numbers for certain qualifications, like how many personally sponsored legs i had at a function so i could get to a leadership meeting (you know the one after the meeting after the meeting in my upline diamonds hotel room.) oh yes i loved on his kind back then. but now feel really bad about it and feel sorry for him. he don't know nothing and thinks the world is flat cause upline said it. oh well what can you do. he will show up here occasionally.

you can see his is very very bitter that you and others can express ourselves about scamway without scamway doing anything about it. so he decides to and throws a weakling barb this way. his upline told him not to read the "negative" on the web but he can't help himself, he has scamway blinders on and they are very effective. he has bought into amway scheme all in. he is the militant kind who continues to do the 9 core steps year after year still without any downline until one day he fades away. and even then he will continue to believe in the "business" but blame himself he didn't work it.

yeah we eat your kind for breakfast and never get full.

Joecool said...

I'm not sure why everyone thinks you quit a bad situation and suddenly you are bitter. I was actually relieved after I quit and found I had so much extra time and money. I actually didn't know what to do with myself for a while.

Not sure what anon can do to stop me from blogginf though.

Anonymous said...


yep. thought so!