Monday, May 2, 2011

Joecool Is Headed To Japan

I'll be gone for the next ten days or so. I'm heading to Japan to do some missionary relief work. I, and a group of 11 other men will be headed to Japan to help do some repair work and to bring several thousands of dollars of supplies. This is in response to the tsunami that happened back in March. The citizens in Japan are still struggling as there are hundreds of thousands of people still living in temporary shelters.

While my contribution might be limited to what I can do in ten days and the resources that I have collected, I am hoping that it will make a difference in someone's life. I'll be boarding a plane later today with my team.

I know many Amway IBOs feel they are making a differnce for the better in people's lives. I know I was taught that by my upline. But looking back, I used to wonder how signing someone up for Amway or shoping them the plan was helping them. In most cases, these nice people were probably worse off financially if they attended functions and/or participated in other things that required a cash payment, such as voicemail, or standing order.

My former upline diamond once had six (6) ruby legs back in the late 1990's. Not a single one of them is even a platinum today, and most of them have quit. That speaks volumes to me.

Anyway, I wish everyone well and I hope that our relief mission blesses the lives of some of the Japanese people. Joecool out.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Joe!

Godspeed to you for a safe trip.


Anonymous said...

How many IBOs are able to drop everything and make a difference doing something as admirable as you are? My guess would be ZERO. I bet my former Diamond Greg Duncan's donations to Charity are non existent.
You will see Amway throw a few donations to good causes as most decent corporate citizens do however they no doubt have an ulterior motive and that is to offset the negative publicity.

Have a safe trip.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

nice post here, cool joe. have a safe trip. i'll miss ya!

rlaurens said...

Have a safe trip and take care!

rocket said...

Make sure you say Hi to all the Amway diamonds out there who will be obviously donating their time to charity.

Oh, and of course, all the people they sent with the big fat checks they always lay claim to writing for good causes!

Good on you JC. Nice to see people who think about others without potential profits or PR involved. Not too common in the Amway world.