Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amway IBOs - Failure By Design?

When I was being prospected into Amway, I saw the 6-4-2 plan. I am fairly certain that most groups still present the Amway opportunity using the 6-4-2, although I am aware that some groups use different variations of this. The plan sounds so simple. Just sponsor 6. The next layer does less than you and sponsors 4, and the next layer does even less and sponsors 2. First of all, most IBOs don't sponsor a single person to begin with. Many IBOs are unable to even show the plan to another person. So if you cannot achieve even the first step, how can you possibly make the plan come to fruition? The answer is you can't.

Only a fraction of 1% of IBOs ever reach platinum. Out of those who do reach the milestone, few are able to maintain the business and even fewer ever go on and achieve higher levels such as emerald or diamond. WIth the attrition rate so high, even recruiting new IBOs basically keeps you even. The effort required to maintain the business can become a full time job or more for some people. My former sponsor was out showing the plan for himself or for downline every night of the week, save for the functions and other meetings. Amway he said, needs to become your life if you want to succeed.

You have so many factors working against you that it takes an exceptional (and possibly lucky) individual to be able to overcome the challenges to reach a recognized pin level. The spotty name reputation of Amway, the higher (on average) prices of their products, the high attrition rate and the fact that any higher level requires a large downline. These factors make it nearly impossible for anyone to go diamond and reach what appears to be the pinnacle of Amway success. Sure, some IBOs may not have such lofty goals, but the "plan" is designed to achieve diamond. I have not ever seen or heard of a plan for an IBO to achieve 600 PV.

In many instances, whether it's a business, or a sports team, or some other activity, you will notice that the winners or the successes often have a great system. Many fast food businesses for example, have a processing system. A great football team might have a great offensive or defensive system. A large business may also have a proven system. This is where the problem lies in Amway. The system is ineffective. The system as shown to many prospects, needs many "lower level" IBOs working in order for someone to achieve the levels such as platinum.

As you cannot control the actions and beliefs of others, you cannot make people join your business. You cannot make them see the plan. Thus in the past, many IBOs resorted to deception and lies to get people in front of the plan. In college, I was invited to a "beer bust", only to walk into an Amway meeting. The person who invited me said we would do the beer bust after the meeting. Thus my first impression of Amway was a bad one. As one can reasonably conclude, Amway IBOs for the most part, end up failing. But they don;t fail for lack of effort. They fail by design. That's how the 6-4-2 plan is set up (or whatever version your group uses). It is in my opinion, failure by design.


Anonymous said...

Listen up buddy, why don't you stop bashing Amway before I "design" my handprint on your face or design my shoeprint on your as? You have spent all these years bellyaching and bitching about Amway. Haven't you had your fill already? Get a life you f-n looser.

Joecool said...

Anon, you really have me shaking in my boots. Your sharp words really scare me. Did you learn that at a function or by reading some Amway related book? I'm sure people will read your comment and flock to you to join your business, assuming you're actually an IBO.

Anonymous said...

Amway - failure by default? Undoubtedly so. Anon @11:06 - failure by default? INDESCRIBABLY SO!

go suck an egg, you worthless schmuck.

**proud Amway hater**

Vermix said...

Failure by design? Really? You are the failure here Joecool, you have chosen to fail and now make a big spectacle out of it. Look at the titles people give you. You really deserve it. Both, a hand print and a shoe print would go well for you, don't you think? Very sad.

Joecool said...

Vermix aka Anon from Canada,

Why don't you come to Hawaii and give me what I deserve? You chicken? Bakaack!

Anonymous said...

LOL, a Shoe Print or Hand Print! Sounds real threatening to me. I think Anon has an Anger Problem! Let alone a sensitive issue to anything truthful said about Amway and its Speakers problem!

Sometimes the truth hurts!!!! The truth should set you free, but in your case Anon you need some help buddy!! Maybe looking for another JOB would help!

Anonymous said...

someone torch that VERMIN of a vermix before i hunt him down and DO IT MYSELF!

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

Lets cut the crap here. I am tired of hearing Amway supporters spill all there guts and the crap that comes with this lame ass Business Opportunity.

When something is fact IBO's automatically think it is negative. I mean give me a break! Since when are facts being negative?? It comes down to reality and the truth!

IBO's think facts are negative when it does not support what they were taught like to not listen to anything or what anyone says on the Internet.

Have you heard of a Blog an Independent Voice? A voice that speaks for the Majority, rather then the Minority.

I was an IBO and I can relate to everything that is said in these blogs and forums. I did what I was told by my upline, and worked at it!

I got tired of the Mental Games, loosing money, and just Amway Bullshit over and over again! I wised up and I have a JOB and I am doing great and better then when I was with Amway.

I was doing what I was taught but I guess I am a flipping looser according to many Amway Speakers.

This is another reason why I left, I guess if your not with the Amway faithful even though you worked the Business you are going to fail the rest of your life even though you lost a shit load of money!

The point is made join Amway and all your dreams will come True.

Anonymous said...

^ well-stated!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joecool, I am an IBO and I think your are right, at least partially...This doesn't work, there are many team that have grown by bad design, poor attempts at mentorship and flat out ignorant thought process.

I apologize on behalf of all good stewards of our business that you were treated poorly by your sponsor.

Not that it matters, but it doesn't happen on our team, we just don't allow people to be a number or be taken advantage of.

Amway simply provides products (good one at that) and pays when they are sold. HOw you achieve a big business is up to your coach and you, Good you, bad coach = bad business , Bad you, good coach = bad business. It is a partnership and it takes two - unfortunately there are a few bad coaches running large organizations.

Anonymous said...

good is a matter of opinion. you're entitled to yours and i'm entitled to mine, and my opinion is that amway is a scam through and through, with ample evidence to prove it. if you can't see it, your head is simply buried far too deep in the (quick)sand for anyone eles to yank it out.

1 timothy 6:10 -- "for the love of money is the root of all evil..."