Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Return Of Quixtarisacult

Welcome back my friend!

Quixtar? isn't this Amway? I'm sure a lot of prospective recruits into the former Quixtar pyramid recruitment scheme have asked that question. It all seems so amusing to me now. Shouldn't people being exposed to the supposed new Amway Global pyramid recruitment scheme now ask the question: But isn't this Quixtar?

The former Amway cult became the former Quixtar cult which is now the present day Amway Global cult. A cult by any other name is just as bad I suppose? The historic bad legacy of Amway continues; and yes, it is still a cult, a pernicious (harm doing) cult. They still operate by proselytism of the unwary into a 'closed market swindle' preying on their own with little regard for the thousands of thousands who have historically lost in the Devos/Van Andel merry-go-round of greed.

I find it ironic that Amway is now willing to cough up well over 100 million dollars to re-compensate present and former 'associates' who GOT SCAMMED by Quixtar! Of course they admit no wrongdoing? Of course they settled pyramid scheme allegations made by former 'associates' out of court.

I'd really like to say to all those former Quixtar Independent Business Operators I TOLD YOU SO! Of course that might seem like gloating which it is. The truth has always been out there. The writing has been on the wall about Quixtar/Amway. British born author and Amway critic David Brear coined the best descriptive term for Amway: The Financial Holocaust. Indeed Amway's history reads like a crime story. I sometimes grow weary of repeating the same bad themes about Amway, but there is always the hope that just one prospective recruit can be saved the anguish of realizing the bad truths of Amway after the money's all gone.

Quixtar just seems like an appropriate name for the Amway cult. What could they have been thinking? Shouldn't this Quixtar affair be continuously served up cold and rubbed in Amway's face? Isn't it significant that Amway is coughing up a very small percentage of their swindled loot to settle with the 'taken' in their former Quixtar Cult?

Amway, again, manages to settle their pyramid scheme problems out of court and stay in operation. With very minor changes in their carefully devised swindle, they continue to rope in the unwary (or the greedy) and continue their swindle worldwide unabated. Of course that is the bad news. For those squandering thousands of dollars in a Quixtar nightmare, there may be a check and some rather mundane Amway products on your horizon. Your intentions to defraud others into your scheme may pay off in an unexpected way. Lucky you!

"The Amway slot machine rings up a couple cherries I suppose, not exactly the three gold bars as originally promised."

The proposed settlement may still be in the hands of the presiding judge. You would think that the Department of Justice might take a long look at the alleged Amway corruption. I suppose the DOJ will just take Amway's word for it that they are admitting no guilt by settling the suit. Again, this all plays out like past Amway affairs. Amway watchers and critics have good reason to be jaded!

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