Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Not Amway?,

I chuckled as I read a recent exchange between an IBO and someone who was questioning the tactics of some upline. The IBO defended Amway by saying that these unethical practices are the result of a "few individuals" and not Amway. By the letter of the law, I guess you could make that argument and I'm pretty sure that Amway's legal team set it up that way. IBOs are independent, thus Amway is not responsible for their actions. But the reality is that these are Amway business owners.

Basically, while an IBO may be independent, they still represent Amway as they are the contact between Amway and potential customers, assuming they actually have customers. It also gets sketchy when an IBO leader is doing unethical things as it may affect tens of thousands of people. Take my former group for example. WWDB. They taught all kinds of made up stuff, and because I was dedicated to the system, I simply believed the leaders because I "thought" they had my best interest at heart. Turns out they probably had their own interest at heart, seeing as how I had to pay for any appearances these dedicated leaders made. While Amway IBOs proclaim that changes are being made, there is plenty of evidence and testimony to show that nothing substantial has changed in all these years.

For example, I frequent the blog of a WWDB IBO and he is saying the same things I heard many years ago. For example, that Amwayers had a 2% divorce rate compared to 60% for the rest of the world. This IBO also speaks about getting out of debt, when in reality, he'd likely be better off if not for the expenses associated with Amway. His dedicated leaders seem to have convinced him that selling his home and cashing out a 401K was a good idea. Was this genuine advice or simply a way to ensure that this IBO has enough cash to continue to attend functions?

Apparently Gred Duncan teaches this group. The group denies that Greg Duncan was mixed up in financial problems. That the public documents were fabricated somehow. It's apparent by the IBO comments that Mr. Duncan and/or other WWDB leaders are still teaching the group to buy homes in cash, and other litte treats. Seems hypocritical from someone who had interest only loans on homes that got foreclosed. I'm not rejoicing at his difficulties, but in a way, it did shine light on the untruths he may be representing about his finances and his income.

So while IBOs like to exclude Amway from the problems that exist, they in turn like to take credit for Amway's sales, Amway's various environmental awards, and partner stores. The same holds true on the other side of the coin. Amway's billion dollar sales month? Great for Amway - but you aren't Amway. Amway won some award? Great for Amway, but you aren't Amway. Amway is the only one who can reign in downline abuse but they seem content to sit by. Maybe some token actions are taken, but nothing substantial. Turn back to the Amway owner's admission that the tools are a pyramid. When Amway tried to take action, sales went down and the actions stopped. While Amwayers like to cite accreditation, there is no teeth to it. The groups simply edit out portions of their cds, or parts of speeches are ignored.

The excuse is that IBOs are not Amway. But whose name is damaged by these IBOs? Why are these IBO leaders still in power after decades of abuse? Where is there any evidence that action is taken? There is only the sound of crickets chirping........

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