Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dead Or Broke At 65 - How Does $115 A Month Help You?

One of the myths that IBOs and IBO leaders perpetuate is that 98% of people will be dead or broke by the age of 65. I have debunked this myth more than once, but I had an interesting thought about this subject. If people are destined to be dead or broke by age 65 as IBOs claim, then for sure the Amway business is not going to change that end result. It is likely to ensure that you end up broke, provided you live to be 65 years or older. Imagine people who go all in for Amway, and wind up with $115 a month? You would be a surefire qualifyer for food stamps or some other government assistance with that kind of income. Ironically, Amwayers use the fear of being broke as a means to recruit people to do Amway.

Amway's own numbers show that the average IBO earns $115 a month. And that $115 a month is not counting IBOs who did nothing, and it is gross income, meaning that business expenses and taxes have not yet been factored in. Unless you have a large nest egg, pension, and/or some kinds of investments to live on, the amount of income that the average IBO earns from Amway won't make any difference in their lifestyles. In fact, if an IBO is putting 10-12 hours a week into their business, then that IBO is earning less than $3.00 an hour for their efforts. You would be better off doing much more lucrative work such as flipping burgers or greeting customers at WalMart.

Seriously, if you are looking at Amway as a business opportunity, then the average earnings should be alarming. The person prospecting new people will say that the average is low because many people quit or don't work hard enough. The question to come back with would be why this is so if the business was so efficient and the products were so good. If you note that the average income is $115 a month for IBOs and .5, yes, that's one half of one percent reach the level of Gold/Platinum where you might earn $1000 a month (before taxes and expenses), then most people would conclude that it is not a good business proposition. I wonder if many Amway prospects are young and inexperienced in life, thus unable to properly evaluate a business opportunity? Or do Amway recruiters make the business sound simple and easy, which would be deceptive?

If you want to earn less than minimum wage on average, then Amway might be the perfect opportunity for you!


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