Monday, July 2, 2012

Amway And Personal Responsibility?

One of the disturbing things I have noticed about Amway IBOs and IBO leaders is how they wlll tell downline to trust them. To trust them as they have already blazed a trail. No need to re-invent the wheel. Just ride the coattails of your upline to success. The system is proven. Many IBOs take this to heart and put forth tremendous effort. Then when they ultimately fail, upline will shun them and tell them that the failure is their own. That they are personally responsible for failure. Where is the glorified system then?

Now I am not talking about IBOs who sign up and do nothing, or never place an order. I do believe that the fact that many IBOs sign up and do nothing brings concerns about how these IBOs were recruited, but I do not recall ever seeing an IBO do nothing and then complain that Amway was a scam or anything like that. One thing does come to mind though. How would anyone know who did something or who did nothing?

I have found, however, that many people who are critical of Amway and the systems, put forth much effort, did everything they were told, and did not find the success that upline promoted, or in some cases, guaranteed. My former sponsor was still active, last I heard and has been in Amway for over 15 years. I do not believe he has ever gone beyond platinum, and I know that he was never a Q12 platinum. Some Amway apologists might see being a platinum as a bonus, but when you are hard core sold out to the systems, platinum is a break even or make a small profit business. Factor in that time spent by husband and wife and these folks are breaking even or making a fraction of minumum wage. Is this the dream that will allow you to buy mansions with a cash payment?

What is also disturbing is how people will tout the system as responsible for any success, but hide the vast majority that the system doesn't help. Sure, some will succeed in Amway, but for every success, there are hundreds if not thousands who fail. And if you consider diamond as the benchmark of success, the failures could be in the millions. As I said, some succeed, but very very few in relation to the number who try. Going diamond is probably less common in the US than winning the lottery.

Succeed and the systems and upline take credit, but fail or quit and it is your own responsibility. Are these the kinds of leaders or mentors you want advice from? I will pass.

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Anonymous said...

Joe cool great point made by you! I know a few people who have exceptional communication/people skills, have a very good job to put the PVs and tools in place and still only platinum for 10 years being in the business. The biggest problem is, lifestyle you need to follow irrespective of real earning. Once you are platinum you need to spend on every damn thing. If you want to be successful in life you have got be a great leader, having calm mind in trouble times, patience to see the result and ready to accept success is only 1% etc. If someone reads through Amway business reference guide it actually shows the plan is designed to have one platinum out of 100 IBOs who do all the effort, 1 emerald possibly out of 100 platinums and a diamond out of 100 emeralds. After all once you achieve a pin you are qualified forever, so if your PV is 1000 after being diamond you still keep spending on all so many events and promotions. Keep following up lines?? Shame on the system and recognitions please.
My up line used to tell me never go to native until you become 'Eagle' when I was facing 20+ successive negatives and he no helping hand! My mom was all alone that time having lost my dad... He literally told me anything you do ask me. Every financial decision ask me before acting. And he used to ask me to buy costliest possible clothes, shoes and even jackets. He did not like me opting for monthly recurring deposit scheme as was supposed to 'invest' on tools... Guys, I was told by one person 'no one in this world will help you for nothing', which I understood practically after doing everything my up-line told