Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dreams Come True?

As an IBO, I was a member of Worldwide Dream Builders, or WWDB. We often told prospects, when recruiting, that we were with WWDB and did not mention Amway unless the prospect asked. If the prospect didn't ask, then we didn't tell. Apparently, part of the appeal of WWDB was to appear successful, even if you were not. It is probably why in some functions, we were taught to "fake it till you make it". Basically, the premise was to appear successful until you actually became successful. Sadly, there were very few who were "successful".

WWDB also scheduled a major function called "Dream Night". This was a one evening function with a sit down dinner at a cost or about $65 to $75 per person. A major portion of the function was a slide show of he diamond lifestyle. We saw mansions, yachts, jetskis, sports cars and fabulous trips, jewelry and all kinds of extravagant luxuries not intended for the mortal man. But, all of this was yours if only you would follow the foolproof WWDB system. I thought it was real when I was an IBO, but I now wonder if these luxuries were really owned by the diamonds. I suspect they may not have been. The money these diamonds supposedly earned was unlimited, or so we thought. I know know that a diamond lifestyle isn't as rosy as they want you to think.

Diamonds apparently must keep working. Even if some of them might collect Amway income for a while without much effort, I believe their lucrative tools and functions income would stop the moment they stopped working the business. I know there are reports from Amway that sales are up and retention of IBOs is up, including the North American market. (I kinda wonder who true those reports are)

Anyway, getting back to the subject, I ask this question. How many dreams have been built as a result of someone's involvement with Worldwide Dreambuilders? David Shores apparently had his homeforeclosed. Greg Duncan apparently suffered the same fate plus some involvement with bankruptcy. Brad Wolgamott is not with his wife or WWDB anymore, along with Dean Kosage. I don't see reports of any new WWDB diamonds and in fact, I believe there are fewer diamonds in WWDB now than when I was an IBO. Where are the diamonds? Where are the dreams? Whose dreams have been built? Conversely, I have seen people's finances wrecked with WWDB being a major contributor to that problem.

If you are being prospected or seeking information on WWDB or other LOS groups, ask them where the success is. Do not accept pictures of checks or pictures of sports cars as proof. Ask for bonafide financial records like real business owners do. If you need more information, my contact information is on my profile. Good luck!


Concerned said...

A cousin of my husband (that I hardly know) got into Amway about a year ago. He doesn't stop flowing his facebook with pictures with texts in it, beautifying dreams, working on dreams, fighting for it and other Amway stuff, a pile of money with something about financial freedom. Pictures in an album of "my business" with the amway merchandise. Lots of pictures of him in meetings and conventions. Heck he even added "diamond" to his first name, his profile pic is a photoshop of him inside a diamond.
When I asked him how much he makes he says a number that would be about 5 times minimum (local wages). I don't believe it for a second. I feel sorry for him. He doesn't exactly come from a wealthy family (at all).... He is quite young... It is just waiting for him to crash.. poor boy! I can't go tell him it's a scam, he is way over his head in this.

Anonymous said...

And that is the sad part, Concerned. Once someone becomes deeply entangled in the cult, the only "truth" their brain will hear is only what they want to believe in terms of all the amazing riches that their upline tells them is "just around the corner".

They almost live in a fantasy world where they see themselves as millionaires... without the millions. They mock the rest of the world as being "losers", chant "freedom" and "I'm going diamond!" at motivational rallies and, like a gambler who keeps sinking money into a casino so sure that the next hand will finally be a winner, they refuse to let their mounting debt deter them from "the dream". And since their upline doesn't want to lose their money, they keep dangling that illusive carrot.

I hope at some point something wakes him up to cause him to unplug from the constant brainwashing machine. But it is difficult for friends and loved ones to help since, as with most cults, they are brainwashed into thinking of everyone outside of the cult as "the enemy trying to steal their dreams" who must be shunned and ignored.


Anonymous said...

Dear 'Concerned', I feel sorry for you and the person whom you were refering to. I have seen the worst side of it, even though I ended up quitting at 6%. I you can refer to my blog and see my story. Mostly it will be in line with any other person in terms of struggle irrespective of their pin levels. I honestly feel you need to ask him to check out a few things on both sides. Life at the young age is very precious, and I know, if someone do not learn tricks and trade of life that time there is a high chance that, they end up learning them at the wrong age! All the best

Shaz said...

So sorry to hear that you were part of WWDB. Maybe that is why your business didn't work. I am with Brit Worldwide (BWW). This system is awesome. Must be why they generate over 40% of all Amway business. WWDB is a cocky group that broke off of the BWW system because they thought they could do better. BWW's IBO retention rate is over 50% higher than any other team.

If you are having trouble with your upline, call Amway and get it changed. They have the best customer service and will do about anything for you.

As far as this being a scam, Amway has been in business for over 50 years. They are debt free and producing 11.1 billion dollars per year in sales. They own the Orlando Magic basketball team as well as the Amway Center where they play. Kurt Warner, Kara Goucher, and Miss America are all Amway sponsors. It is ludicrous to assume this business is a scam just because one does not have the dream or motivation to make it work.

Joecool said...

Wow, you sure made up a lot of stuff about BWW. Where did you hear the lie that BWW is 40$ of Amway?

Anonymous said...


joe, haven't you learned by now that making things up is what the typical ambot does? tsk tsk tsk ;)