Monday, July 16, 2012

What Are Your Chances In Amway?

One thing that many Amway promoters don't like to talk about is what your realistic chances of success are. I will define success as Diamond because that is what the outcome of the 6-4-2 and 2-5 year plan. Of course you may be able to earn some income at lower levels, but my understanding is that diamond is where the real money from Amway and the tools start rolling in. And I can also understand why people promoting Amway do not discuss your realistic chances of winning. Afterall, lottery promoters do not show you the millions of losers, they only parade the winners in front of you.

Many people, including Amway enthusiasts will agree that many IBO do little or nothing. Some people never even place an order or make any attempt to do any business. For the purpose of this article, I am not speaking about these folks. I am talking about people who actually put in some effort to the business.

For many people who want to make an earnest effort, they will purchase and hopefully sell a few items with the goal of reaching 100 PV. For that effort, you will receive approximately $10 from Amway and whatever profit you might have earned by selling products. Here's the catch. You will likely need to pay website fees in excess of the $10 you earn from Amway. For the more dedicated IBOs, you may be payin for voicemail, standing orders, book of the month, and possibly attending functions. These expenses will exceed your income month after month unless you are able to increase your volume by selling enough products and/or sponsoring downline who buy and sell products.

Because Amway has to include the IBO bonuses in their prices, the products come at a premium price. Thus sales to non IBOs are relatively low. Without sales to non IBOs, the only other way to generate more volume is to sponsor people who will buy and sell products. But due to past unethical IBO behavior, getting people to see the Amway sales and marketing plan may be a challenge. Also, most IBOs are unable to sponsor a single downline.

Some Amway enthusiasts will claim that if you do their CORE steps for 2-5 years consistently, that you are likely to succeed. Sound easy, but becaue of the factors I have identified, some of these steps are impossible to do consistently. It's not like walking a mile each day where you have control of the step. People will likely fail in showing the plan and sponsoring others because they cannot find enough people who are willing to see an Amway plan. Many, possibly most other IBOs can and will do certain steps consistently such as listening to a CD daily and reading a success book. But because of a spotty reputation in the US, IBOs will very likely fail to be able to show enough plans to succeed.

Your realistic chance of success? My informed guess is less than 1 tenth of 1 percent. That's the likelihood of going diamond. Your chance of going platinum? My informed guess will be less than 1/2 of 1 percent. If you think you can beat those odds, go for it. For most people, it might be wise to look into other opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Insightful again...! My question is what after you become a diamond? It is supposed to be complete freedom right? Then why so many diamonds quit? Problem is not only the system but also Amway compensation plan (available in or for that matter in the Amway US website itself). It clearly mentions the fact that, most of the times you keep passing on your earnings to upline. If you want to keep the money with you you should have another personal group of IBOs (apart from three or six 21% legs) which can give nearly equal amount of commission! Basically if you want to make money only through Amway it is nearly impossible. Even the simplest way someone tells you the Amway plan itself will be understood by about 1% of the strangers, and the reference guide mentioned above will take some effort to understand. Can you keep showing the plan doing the retail and recruiting and teaching and training and attending seminars until you die? If answer is yes success is yours! Go gett fired up!

Another said...

What is in these books and CDs? Does it teach you how to market and sell their shitty products? How to pump up sales? How to suck in people to sign up?

Joecool said...

The books functions and cds are basically motivational. Do not quit, try harder. It teaches little about selling Amway stuff. How do you suck people in? You tell them they "need" these tools to succeed in Amway or that nobody can succeed without tools.

Anonymous said...

Joecool is right. There is no useful business information in Amway's "tools". They are designed for one purpose only... to keep the suckers hooked on the "dream". When a downline asks for upline advice, usually all they get is "keep on buying the tools, prospecting everyone you meet, increase your PV, etc.". In other words "Keep emptying out your wallet into mine."


Anonymous said...

Here's how it works. Any points you make go to your upline. Cool, you also get a bonus back on the points you accumulated. If you retail, that is cash in your pocket, for YOUR hard work... But here's where the deal goes shit. You are also a member of WWDB, which 'teaches' and 'mentors' you to build a successful biz. You pay a monthly membership around $100, which would eat up most anyone's retail profit from amway, on top of that you are basically made to buy the tools, cd's, books, functions (avg. $400-$500+ for the weekend). Now all your money you have made in amway, has now been devoured by worldwidedream builders by way of tools, membership and functions(in most cases, you're digging into your account as well)and that cash gets split up amongst the platinums and above. Of course they coach you to generate more points =(more $for them, PLUS they want you to earn more cash in retail sales, which ends up in their pocket as well through worldwide system that you turn around and pay into. It's an evil machine. They take your points and end up with your cash that YOU worked for... Worldwide is a business that makes profit from eating other's profits. It's a double business, and evil. you are coached to buy buy buy, to set an EXAMPLE that you can duplicate. Surely, the more one spends, the more their future downline will spend. BS. Once I fully realized this system for what it is, beyond the smoke and mirrors of the feel good talk, I bounced the heck outta there! My upline does not deserve the money me or my wife put in the effort for to meet people and sell them stuff that they wanted. That was OUR work and time... I hope they are enjoying their new hummer that their downline 'bought' for them... What's that they say? 'quit building someone elses dream?' well, looks like I have. Let's all wisen up. I can feel good and read good books without a stupid scam, and make more money.

Anonymous said...