Monday, July 9, 2012

Amway IBOs Help People?

One of the things my upline said at nearly every meeting was how we were helping people by sharing the dream and showing others the Amway plan. "Helping people". He claimed that IBOs became better people and were doing good for the community by helping people. I always thought ths was odd because the only people we really "helped" were those who got into the business. We didn't hang out with or help anyone else. We certainly didn't do anything for the community or for charities.

How do you help someone when your life is dedicated to buying and selling Amway products, recruiting Amway prospects and attending Amway related meetings to learn how to recruit more Amway IBOs and to motivate yourself to never quit the business. I used to think about people doing volunteer work, or community service projects, or even outreach through their churches. These are the real everyday heroes who are helping others. While an outreach volunteer feeds the homeless, IBOs are in meetings. When people are doing community service projects, IBOs are showing the plan or prospecting the malls for new recruits. Who is actually helping people?

Yes, I am aware that IBOs at times, contribute to Easter Seals and the like, but do they invest the kind of time that others do? And I'm not faulting IBOs, but simply pointing out that the Amway business activities can eat away at your time and prevent you from spending quality time with family and friends, and prevent you from actually "helping others". While the Amway business is no different that other businesses and the like in that regard, I do not feel that the tiny average earnings of IBOs make it worth their while to spend all of that time in meetings and recruitng to make their return on their investment a worthwhile activity.

So in all of the activities you engage in as an IBO, are you helping people? Or are you only helping people who might be interested in joining your Amway business? Are you really helping them or recruiting them under the guise of helping them? Do you continue to try and help them if they aren't interested in Amway? Isn't the IBO saying "some will", "some won't", "so what, next"? Doesn't that mean that prospects are expendable once they have said "no" to Amway? That's what I recall from my IBOs days. I really don't think much has changed.


Anonymous said...

And, sadly, the only helping going on by bringing in someone new to the Amway cult is those upline of the fresh meat helping themselves to a new money source to pilfer and suck dry.


Anonymous said...

I heard this for the first time even when I was shown the plan. "I know a friend of mine studied from a very reputed institute, 'helped' six people to earn 21% income through this business and retired from his job at the age of 28! How nice it looks from outside. When you go inside you will know (provided your brain works outside CDs, Books and Association - upline inner circle) every penny spent by you is not going to benefit you but your up-line and only way you can succeed is to find slaves in your team. Whom are you helping for that matter no one else! Amway cults almost forget their own close friends, school buddies, relatives and even for other family members who are not supporting Amway business... The 'teaching' is like that only, anyone not in Amway they're waste on this earth, so your life is based on Amway and the system and I am yet to figure out how there is any freedom in Amway!

kevin conklin said...

Did he really spell communicate with a "k"? Really ? How kookie and stupid