Monday, July 30, 2012

Making A Diamond Decision?

One of the things I see around some forums, and what I remember from my Amway days is hearing about how someone "made the decision" to go diamond. You cannot "decide" to go diamond anymore than you can decide to win the lottery. You can decide to work hard and you can decide to try and follow all of the recommended advice for achieving in Amway, but you cannot "decide" to go diamond. Going diamond requires you to have certain group structures, which requries sponsoring. Sponsoring others is something that is not directly within your control. Maintaining retention in your group is also something you may not have direct control over.

One familiar theme I recall hearing on WWDB rally tapes is that someone, usually the man of the house, finally made a decision to go diamond. I don't recall a detailed explanation of what that meant. When I was prospected into Amway, my sponsor never could tell me in a straight answer what you actually do as an IBO. All he kept assuring me of was that I could be taught everything I needed to know. Looking back, he was right. In a nutshell, the Amway business is simply this: Buy, sell, and sponsor. But of the three components, the only one an IBO can directly control is to "buy". To sell or to sponsor is something that you have no direct control over. Yes, some people can improve and get better at selling or prospecting, but I believe the vast majority of people, even those who work hard and give effort, simply do not have the skills to overcome the reputation and high prices that apparently stigmatize the Amway business.

As I have stated, you can decide to try Amway. You can decide to buy tools and products, you can decide to work hard and give your best effort. You can decide that this is a good opportunity for you. But you cannot decide that you will go diamond. Many have tried, very very few have made it. Even those who attain the apparent pinnacle of success, often find that maintaining the level is a near impossible task. There is evidence of many former diamonds and diamonds who actually quit. Where's the residual income that IBOs like to speak of? Why would someone quit if they can walk away and receive residual income. You know why.

Good luck to you if you "decide" to go for it.


Shaz said...

I disagree with this. I used to sell appliances for Sears. Most people know that they sell Protection Agreements with every appliance. The reality is that 80%. Of people don't take it. I decided I was going to be the top sales person on the team (my decision). Now, I cannot control if people buy it or not. If they want it, they will take it. But I made the decision to find that 20%. I was the top sales person. And I made that decision.

This business is no different. You can make the decision to go diamond. I'd you quit, you have just made the decision not to go diamond. I have made the decision to go diamond. I have made the decision to find more "no's", which leads to the 20% of "yes's" that are out there. I have had my Amway business for 9 months right now and I am qualified for platinum this year.

John Sestina has been named "America's top financial planner" every year since 1996. He has been know to say the same things as this article. He got in the business to prove his point. Only he built the business to Diamond.

The business does not work if you are in it to try it. It only works if you are in it to do it. Your decision.

One final thought: You mention that very few people make it work. This is because very few people actually apply the advice they learn from those who do make it work. Every person who could not make it work complains about the books. Those books are written by successful people. Stop listening to your broke friends and family members who are not where you want to be in life and apply the knowledge you learn from successful people!

Anonymous said...

Shaz, you sound completely like an Ambot. Your lost with all that cult BS.

Anonymous said...


If Diamond in Amway is the sine qua non of "success", I don't want to be "successful." Got it? The "books" you tout as written by "successful people" are garbage - it is axiomatic that the most effective deceptions are the ones diluted with the most truth. Got it?

The truth is, the most successful Amway IBOs are those who have the guts to "make the decision" to quit sooner, rather than later, and thus save beaucoup of their time and treasure from the clutches of the con artists who run "systems" like Britt Worldwide and WWDB.

How do you like those apples?

I wish you the best for a non-IBO future.


amwayscam said...

Shaz, I said what you said a few months back... Honestly, I need you to decide one thing, either your are building amway/mlm business or you are in the internet. I am telling you this because, for god sake, even though Amway is mathematically made to ensure failure to IBOs (check my blog for details) it can work for you if you keep recruiting at least 20 new IBOs for another 15years without fail... these blogs and fights on the internet will take you nowhere.. these all are 'negative places' go and get on with positive guys!

Anonymous said...

hey shaz, just die. :)

**proud Amway hater**

Shaz said...

Hey amwayscam! Thanks for the positive remarks! I usually do just go to positive things. However, I like to look at things dream stealers are saying once in a while. I have at times sponsored people that were at one time disbelievers. When I prove to them that it works by showing what I have done, their lives were changed. In fact, one of those disbelievers is in his 3rd month of platinum qualification as I work towards emerald.

As for those Amway haters that say things like "go die", it is quite obvious that they are very upset at life. They are not happy where they are at in life. They can't even figure out how to pay the next bill let alone get time of from work, if they even have a job. You can hate Amway all you want, but my business is growing with or without you!

Anonymous said...


Interesting non-response to my substantive remarks above. Let's see, how do us "dream stealers" out here in internet-land know that your "business is growing," only by virtue of your chest-thumping proclamations on Joe Cool's webpage? Not that a "growing business" is something to be admired, in the first place.

On one hand, I don't think you have ANY insight on whether Amwayscam or anyone else posting comments on this blog is "upset at life"; on the other hand, it seems fairly certain that you are a person of exceedingly low character.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It just seems that people ( who are still broke) want to put down those who actually make it in a business that they (the nay sayers) have quit.I'd rather follow people to where I want to be then listen to complainers who quit.Besides they just want to get a rise out of people.

Joecool said...

So who actually "made it" in the Amway business? I highly doubt that you're one of them.