Friday, July 6, 2012

What Amway Prospects Should Know?

One thing that I was unaware of as an IBO was that our uplines were profiting from our tools purchases. I was in WWDB at the time and I was told very clearly that nobody made money from the tools and in fact, I was also told that WWDB was a non profit organization. Both of these statements were bold lies told by WWDB leaders and they have never been held accountable. We were told that upline cared about us and our success, thus they spent their own money to fly to functions to teach us how to succeed.

Eventually, the internet amd other media (i.e. The Dateline Expose') made it impossible to cover up these lies and uplines finally admitted that they profited from tools. However, it looks like they downplayed the magnitude of the tools profits. I believe some upline may have made most of their income fro tools, especially leaders who may have fallen out of qualification. Now the upline admits they make some profits from tools, but there is still a great deal of secrecy in the tools business. What makes the whole thing ironic is that the uplines allegeldy are not supposed to entice Amway prospects into joining by using the tools money as a draw, but at the same time, they are told that tools are vital to their success.

I wonder how many prospects or IBOs would be fired up about buying tools if they knew that their uplines might not currently be qualified at the level they claim to be, and knowing that the uplines will make a ton of money whether or not you make a cent as an IBO? Also, some uplines are shameless is pushing the tools on downline. Sure they might cut the newest guy a break and loan them some cds, but once that IBO decides to start building downline, they are likely to be told that a real business owner buys their own tools, or that a business owner needs to be a leader and purchase extra tools for their downline.

How would you feel if your upline is touting themselves as a financial genious but in the background, their homes are foreclosed or they have financial difficulties? What if your upline touts their morals and you find out they are divorced or getting a divorce? What if your upline said Amway saves marriages? Your upline certainly won't say they are perfect, but conversely, they should be held to the highest standards if they are using their status to be able to sell tools and make large profits.

Many prospects and IBOs don't know this, but I hope they take it to heart.


Anonymous said...

Yes Indeed! Couple of things I want to share. Initial days of joining the business I was as innocent as anyone and I read books, bought CDs and went to functions. Even though system name was different I also had same messages replicated. It is only after reading Merchandise of Deception (available for free download and ready at many things were understood. Just a while back I checked the system website and as expected there are various listings for Business Building Seminars which are coming soon after life changing once a lifetime event of Summer Conference. Every host of open meeting has to have share and it goes on, more you get closer to the system all that you make is to promote every function and get more people and your up-lines will enjoy the money. If someone reading this does not believe check out business reference guide in, you will know it is impossible to make money once you reach platinum level.

DWC2331066 said...

* its not scheme. 100%. but the leaders make it schematic. ie its great u r about to become silver (21%) in amway business. but during that month , the downline would be at pressurised to complete as much as they can above personal 50pv
* and the downline would make it for their leader with two hopes.
1. when they would be on the verge of becoming silver, their downline would behave in exactly the same way as they did for the upline.
2. they would see some kind of motivation for selves to become 21% silver
* if u get 5 people in your downline ( for which u have done hell lot plans ) , its not easy to make them understand or explain them to do 50pv when they are not getting any returns as income
* and even if they do 50 personal pv, being an upline and to get income; u must do your personal 50pv ( Rs. 5200/-). at this point two scenes arise. (1) downline business will be of 25000/- rs. and u get 6% of that. ie around 1500/- ( i m not getting into pv/bv part). and if u dont have personal 50pv then u dont get that 1500/- as well (2) the downlines who do not have any downline have stock now at home. which they find difficult to sell and the option is to consume with the thought that “ this is for changing my life” lol . this is what they call “ change your shopping spot. give up on cheaper stuff and go for quality stuff of amway( no matter if ur pocket permits or not ). i mean come on !!!
* it usually takes 3–5 years to become silver. and even after reaching there, u r not fixed at that 21% silver level if ur team do not complete the target of silver team next month. u are degraded.
* and as a silver .. u earn some 50–70k ( not per month remember if team slab is not fullfiled ) …. but for that how many pennies are spent from ur pocket for buying bww tickets for self and customers, for buying stuff to consume which your mind never accept , for going to one on one and hone meets, for attending mega events, for calls to prospects, …… forget it.
* the amway does not want you to sell only. but there is a catch. those who cant sell ( as with 90% of indian population ) would turn into consumers to survive. consumers of the things which were used by their parents and their parents who led life upto 70+ years of age. AMWAY IS CONCERNED ONLY WITH THE PERSONAL PURCHASES OF EXISTING DISTRIBUTORS. and AFTER THE PURCHASE, WHAT WOULD DISTRIBUTOR DO WITH PRODUCTS IS NONE OF AMWAYS BUSINESS.
* amway’s products are good. the compensation plan is not at all good. amway is not running. but it is being run by BWW. and once the guy gets into BWW, he sees entire friend circle as enemy if they dont agree to “ amway “. BWW brainwashes the minds. nd the people actually allow that. Dude NOTHING IS BETTER THAN AMWAY. Lets believe. but there are hell lot of direct selling comapnies which have pretty easy plan and very good range of products.
Amaway want u to work as per “ american way”( thats how the name came up).
but people in india , after walking on american way for a while( see the success ratio) come back to indian way. they give up and turn negative for entire concept of direct selling

And i am a direct seller
who doesnt believe that its about selling
i m working on a great opportunity
world class
and actually rewarding