Monday, November 5, 2012

The Amway Illusion?

One of the things my upline taught us ad nauseum was that we needed to have faith in our business and in our upline. That we needed to believe that we were going to be successful. IBOs are told that they should act successful even if they are still working their way up the ranks in the business. It is why they ask (require) IBOs to wear suits and business attire to all meetings and functions. This is one of the weird quirks about the business in my opinion. I live in Hawaii and I remember a function they held in the middle of July in a high school auditorium and there was no air conditioning. I think my suit needed special cleaning because it was completely saturated with persiration.

Anyway, with this part of the year, soon there will be thousands of IBOs shuffling off to a function called dream night, or in some cases, winter conference. The tickets are about $60 to $80 and includes a dinner. What IBOs are often unaware of is that many venues will allow you to run these conferences for $20 to $25 per person. The rest of that ticket prices goes directly into your upline's pockets. Anyway, the dream night function will feature slide shows of mansions, yachts, jet skis, sports cars, fabulous vacations and other trappings of wealth.

What many IBOs don't realize is that this display of wealth is just that. There is no bonafide evidence to indicate that these diamonds actually own all of those toys and goodies. The diamonds probably won't verbally confirm it either, because these toys and goodies may not really be owned by them. It could be rented, or maybe some upline corwn ambassador may own the mansion, but IBOs will assume that these trappings of wealth are common once you reach diamond. As an IBO, I never actually knew how much a diamond really earned. I just assumed it was a lot because we were shown all of these goodies and just assumed all diamonds had these kinds of lifestyles.

If I posted a picture of a mansion and a jet and said I owe it all to my earnings as a blogger, people would cry foul, that I am lying or making things up. And they would be right. Well, I would guess that many diamonds are doing the very same thing if they appear on stage and implying that they have jets and mansions. As I said, someone may own a mansion and a jet, but to imply that this is a part of the typical diamond lifestyle is a stretch. The evidence is there. Some diamonds have lost their homes to foreclosure. My old LOS diamonds (WWDB) taught us that diamonds pay cash for everything, including homes. Now confirmed as a blatant lie. Who knows what else they may have misrepresented?

I ask IBOs and prospects who may be attending dream night, to watch with a critical eye. What is being implied with the display of wealth? Analyze if those goodies can be purchased with a diamond income ($150,000 plus some tool income). Ask yourself if this lifestyle is truly sustainable? Ask yourself if you can live with yourself if deception is a part of earning your diamond lifestyle?


Anonymous said...

I think you need a simple maths caculation of bonus levels to see a diamond will not buy much for cash. Another site gives mlm earnings levels. If you look at that you will see only a handfull of amway pins earn above 100 k per month. These are the only ones buying for cash. So its fair to say most of the poeple at these dream nights will be faking it. And also most of the people there will be losing money. Finally most of the people there will not be there next year. Thats my view as an ex platinum. Realistically if you work this business well you can make a 100 dollars a month and not many will do so. If you spend on tools you will lose money. A few people will do better. But these will be rare. Thats my view for whats its worth.

Anonymous said...

My friend is an Ambot, he's been in it for about 2 years give or take. And boy he talks about the conferences as if they were the best moment of his life. He told me he would sprint out to every concert and conference room so he and his team could have the best seats in the house. I pity him because this is the life he chooses now... that and working at a fast food restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Hello joecool. A question from europe. We saw a youtube about the house of a big pin called brad duncan. Seems impressive. Elsewhere we saw he may be in bankruptcy. Is this true. If it is he must have burned money in poor investments.

Joecool said...

Brad Duncan is a big pin in Amway. His brother Greg Duncan is also a big pin in Amway. It's Greg who apparently was involved in chapter 7 bankruptcy some years ago. I'm not sure where it stands now.

Anonymous said...

Amway is illusion, simply because it is designed to make IBOs lose money. Biggest lie by my up lines were about their retirement! Of course as a new IBO I believed everything that was told. Yeah, sooner I started making sense of my own diamond up line doing contacting, I decided to quit!
Joecool has been asking me to find someone on the beach :) having earned the passive income for his life. But I am also in search of legacy kids who got the passive income from their fathers and forefathers! Let me see if I can find on in the next Free Enterprise Day here in India!