Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Didn't Try Hard Enough?

One of the things IBOs are taught is to blame themselves for is not working the business hard enough or not doing things right, exactly as upline advised. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. It's just that uplines want to be absolved from any responsibility so they teach downline that failure in Amway is their own (The downline's) fault. Upline is also quick to take credit for any success, of course. Why shouldn't these same leaders be held accountable for their downline's results?

The reason why hard work doesn't equal success is because an Amway IBO is basically a commissioned sales person. In commissioned sales, one can work hard for no reward and at times, little effort may reap large rewards. But in Amway, with a spotty reputation, Amway IBOs are dealt a handicap that most simply cannot overcome. Getting new people to recruitment meetings is hard enough, not even factoring in the abililty to sponsor others. When factoring in these tidbits, it's easy to see why uplines teach buy from yourself and selling is not needed.

The work involved is very simple. Sell products and get other IBOs in your downline to be able to leverage your volume. Many IBOs work hard and attend all of the functions and do all of the steps as outlined by upline, but very few reap rewards and most quit when they realize that the system doesn't work. It is sad that on top of losing money, that IBOs are also taught to blame themselves for their demise. Where is the upline when IBOs bust their butts working har and get no rewards? On top of that, to make it worse, uplines profit from selling training and motivation to their downlines. Why aren't they held acountable?

I've read comments by some Amway defenders wanting to sue Amway critics for a potential loss of business. But most critics, like myself are simply stating our experiences and opinions. Many of which are true and still happening today. So I will ask, what about the millions of former IBOs who may have lost billions of dollars because of false claims which led them to believe that they would get rich following upline advice? Maybe former IBOs should unite and file claims against unethical upline leaders who led them astray? Why not hold these leaders accountable?

In any case, hard work doesn't equate success in Amway and I dare anyone to try to prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

didn't try hard enough? yeah...okay.

Anonymous said...

You certainly need to work hard to make it in amway and success is not guaranteed. I think the only way to do it is show the plan to say 30 to 50 people a week for 2 years. You probably will sponsor say 200 net of those quitting.assuming some of these people will do something you should have a decent sizezd business. All of that would be about 40 hours a week i guess.

Joecool said...

40 hours a week plus all that contacting and prospecting and at that level you might squeal out a small profit and on the other hand, if you stop or slow your efforts, your business will backslide in a heartbeat. Doesn't sound like a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Thats right. A further 3 to 5 years working every day and you might have a revenue stream.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymus, do you ever put a price tag for your time? If you put five dollars, it is $200 per week and a whopping $800 per month! Let us say $500 per month just for the effort, forget the CDs, books, petrol, expensive products, buying some show-off apparels and stuff. Joecool, can you enlighten these readers - who badly need one - about the profits platinums do make in US? I do not know the numbers sitting here in India but if someone calls a business, everything should have a price tag, no positive thinking, saving marriage stories. If Ambots say it is also a charity show, I have no questions about it.