Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Amway Opportunity?

Over the years I have been debating with Amway supporters, I cannot see what is so great about the Amway opportunity. Are some of these Amway defenders that stupid or dense that they truly believe that a business where one out of a few hundred people might make a profit and most of the remaining IBOs will lose money is a good opportunity? I'm not talking about people who sign up and "do nothing". Many IBOs sign up and put in a great deal of time, effort and money, only to find out that the system simply does not work (especially in the US) and they make a business decision to quit and/or to do something else.

Of course there are some people who make money in Amway. If nobody made money, then the opportunity would cease to exist. But it is basically exploitation of the downline that accounts for upline success. Amway's admission that sales to non IBOs are low, confirms this. Thus certain upline make their income from their downline's PV volume, and on tool purchases. I mean even a lottery has winners. Even ponzi schemes and other questionable opportunties have some winners. This is not to suggest that Amway in not legal. Amway is perfectly legal, but the way the opportunity is set up, those who profit, primarily do so at the expense of their trusted downline.

There are no groups that I know of where all the IBOs can win and earn a profit. I would guess that there might be a few rogue groups who only focus on retail sales, and while these groups can be profitable as a group, they are few and far between. This is because most IBOs fall under an LOS such as WWDB, BWW, LTD or N21, and these groups all seemingly focus on recruiting of new IBOs. Yes, they may sprinkle in some suggeestions about selling goods, but generally speaking, their "training" materials consist of motivation speeches, feel good stories (whether true or not), and the theme of never quitting while continuing to purchase more tools.

Some upline have the nerve to start teaching downline that their Amway business is not about making money, but to save your marriage, make you a nicer person, or some other diversion to make you forget that you are losing money month after month after month. Some groups even mix in religion and politics into their functions and meetings. As far as I can see, the typical business buildiing IBO signs up, gets some of the tools and attends a few functions, and finds that the products are hard to sell because they are not priced competetively with other retailers, and that a damaged reputation is nearly impossible to overcome. These IBOs realize they are not going anywhere, and they walk away, chalking up the losses as a life lesson. But apparently, many uplines who lied and deceived in the past are continuing to do so today, often just revising history for their benefit (i.e. lying about making any profit on tools).

Many IBOs, prospects, information seekers and critics read this blog. My question is very simple. What is so great about the Amway opportunity? For most, it is just a bad use of time and money. While some may exist, I don't know of a single person who "did the work once" and sat back collecting barrels of Amway money while sipping Mai Tais on the beaches of Jamaica. I see crown ambassadors working as hard today as they did many years ago. Diamonds losing homes to forclosures, a prominent diamond in bankruptcy proceedings, and a hoard of WWDB diamonds apparently selling off mansions that they allegedly paid for in cash. (It os quite possible that their lifestyles are simply not sustainable).

Where is the benefit in the business for the typical IBO? Just as there are some diamonds, there are lottery winners. Displaying a lottery winner doesn't make it prudent to spend your money on lottery tickets. Displaying a diamond's lifestyle doesn't make Amway a good opportunity. While Amway is a business and not a game of chance, the results of either, sadly are eerily similar - that is a few winners and millions of non winners.

What is so great about the Amway opportunity? I don't see it.


Anonymous said...

I have differing opinion here! Everything in this world can be called an opportunity. Terrorist groups call their agenda as opportunity because killing fellow humans is their goal. Here the goal is to suck downlines blood is a goal. Selling crappy CDs, books and function tickets is a goal and they have different way of presenting it and innocent prospects end becoming cults.

Anonymous said...

it's a great lie; i'm sure you see THAT! =)

Anonymous said...

You know whats the one quality Amway bashers always have?

They are horrible listeners.

Have you ever noticed that every single Amway basher CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW AMWAY WORKS?

Have you ever noticed that every single Amway basher CANNOT SEE IT?

Thats because they do not LISTEN.

Your blog above proves that you have never actually understood how the business model works.

Warren Buffet has brought a number of MLN companies. IF one of the smartest investors in the world says MLN companies have a good business model, I say who is to believe you?... an average blogger who does not understand the business at all and just admitted it.

Go to a business function, DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE before filling the internet with your absolute garbage.

Joecool is Steve Nakamura, a well-known fraud said...

Hey what's up Steve Nakamura.

Your question is why do what do we see in the business? What we see is financial independence.

Why do you even bother asking Steve? It's kind of a dumb question. Why do people go to college and nowadays average out a risk of being $40,000 in school debt, yet not all of them make it to high paying jobs or earn degrees of success?

The greatness about the Amway opportunity is the fact that it is simple, duplicatable, and builds an asset rather than a liability.

The psychosis behind your behavior of trying so hard for many years to disparage the Amway corporation is a silly obsession you have.

We can all clearly see that no one longer really cares about your blogs, and no one really comments on your blogs either. You have lost, been exposed as a fraud, and you still continue to beat the dead horse.

And since you have lost; you have nothing else left to say than to ask "What's so great about Amway anyway?"

That's a typical reaction from when a person loses and has nothing to else to say.

You should find something better to do with your time, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Im not agreeing with you. I was a platinum and i am not an amway basher. But dont tell me its a great opportunity. Even those who make it give up years of their life to do so. And thats hardly worth it. Then the vast majority lose money and time. So i would argue its a long shot opportunity at best.

khairul044 said...

Your blog above proves that you have never actually understood how the business model works.

Joecool said...

@December 3rd,

My name is not Steve Nakamura and sorry, you don'[t have financial indepedence. All you do is channel your hard earned dollars to upline who then portray financial independence. Why aren't any of them retired?

Joecool said...


Your comment proves that that you never understood anything, including this blog.

Anonymous said...

he understands the "business" as HE WAS ONCE A PART OF AMWAY! haven't you read the last 300+ posts on this blog or are you just now returning to planet earth? MAN you scambots are such IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

correction: pipe dream. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HI 044. I dont think you can say joecool does not understand the business model. He does. I dont agree with all his conclusions but he is correct in highlighting the hidden scam of the tools. The plan described by amway has some merits but the leaders have turned it to their advantage at the expense of the majority of downlines by faking tools can help. I went to platinium and quit when uplines pressured to accept tools.

Anonymous said...

Friend, 300+ posts on his blog doesn't mean quality by necessity. I went over quite a few of them and they are all garbage! Just one man's opinions echoed by a collective of opinion believers and nothing more!