Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Tools Are Needed In Amway??

As an IBO, I was told that I "needed" to attend all functions. Attending all functions meant "all" is what I was told. Brad Duncan once had a tape in the true north series where he said that downline should not cancel standing orders even when IBOs quit, because there would then be an urgency to replace that person. I was in WWDB and while not everyone in WWDB may have taught this, our group was told that we should purchase 5-7additional tapes/cds in addition to standing order because we needed to listen to new material daily and because we should be passing out these materials as they will sponsor new people. To date, I do not know of anyone who passed out a tape or cd and had someone decide to join the Amway business as a result of listening to that tape or cd.

When I was in the business (In WWDB), our group was told that WWDB was a non profit organization. That was quickly retracted, but still, the WWDB leaders stood on stage in front of tens of thousands of IBOs and said nobody made a profit from tools. We now know that it was a lie. We also know that many of these leaders are still teaching, and as far as I know, not a single WWDB leader has ever been accountable for these lies. Some of these lies may have caused untold financial damage to downline. I'm certain I would have been less dedicated to tools if I had known that some uplines made most of their income from tools and that their advice was a conflict of interest. Some Amway defenders are currently talking about how some negative misinformation about Amway is hurting their business, but ironically, it would appear that most damage to Amway has been done by IBOs themselves, such as tricking people to meetings. As far as I know, not a single person has ever been held liable for the financial damages to downlines and former IBOs who lost money by being told lies about Amway.

Now I also would like to emphasize that I do not believe the tools work and do not produce any results. While Amway defenders will claim that most if not all new emeralds and diamonds are on the system, they fail to mention that there are also tens or hundreds of thousands of people who work the system without results. As far as I know, there is no bonafide unbiased evidence that suggests that the system produces any results. It is why IBOs end up later talking about being a nicer person of how their marriage was strenghthened by joining the system. While these are nice side benefits (if true), these reasons are not why you started a business. A business exists to make a profit, yet uplines make all kinds of excuses as to why IBOs did not profit, even placing the blame on the IBOs who trusted them.

It brings me to the real purpose of having tools. The REAL purpose of tools is to make profits for your upline. I believe the tools were invented as a way to motivate and train new and distance IBOs, but apparently, GREED eventually set in and many uplines started emphasizing tools, not because they wanted downline success, but because their tool businesses were wildly successful with thousands of captive downline dedicated to the system. I believe it is why I saw many IBOs who worked hard, never missed a meeting or function, did nto sponsor any downline, but were still told they needed more and more tools.

I believe the real purpose of having tools is so your upline's tools business can be profitable.


Anonymous said...

Tools are to make profits for uplines. Otherwise they would not be pushing them. I saw a video by jim dornan saying 30000 people were joining his group monthly. Say each spends 25 dollars on tools. Thats 750 k monthly. Plus his group of existing people is at least ten times bigger. All buying tools. No wonder he is a multi multi millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Tools do not produce results in Amway business but they produce results to platinums and above who make money from the tools scam. I guess I told this before, no up line has been made accountable for anything he tells with a presumption that he does everything good for the business. But what about the hundreds of cases in which what up line told did not work. Tools are place of mass deception and if you avoid them IBOs may lose less money in Amway.

Sprigsleg said...

That's the thing. Many defenders just look at the money Amway makes, how it still is around, how the Magic play in Amway arena, etc. No, no one is talking about that. It's the IBO's scams. Sure there are people living well, but the people underneath are the ones mostly making that happen.

People don't know about the cd costs, books, standing order, and other things you are advised to buy during the "meetings" and "life changing conferences" usually out of state for a few days, and meetings at peoples' homes. How about the meetings? At first they are free, but after a few they start charging you. Think about 10 dollars. Add in gas as you are traveling a lot to these things and it's more money to spend.

All of this and still keep in mind how they started with the "extra money on the side in your spare time" bs. Keep in mind meetings on Sunday with your team. Time for driving and the meetings aren't short one bit. Then the next day another meeting, but in a hotel. Then another meeting the next day and one on Thursday. Things may not be exactly the same but this was in my group.

In the meetings your advised when you are home to read the books, 15 minutes a day of reading, listen to cds daily, work on trying to bring in new people to the meetings and meeting up with your upline and person who got you (usually that person drove you to the 1st meeting at least and probably signed you up with their Amway credit card).

Now, I've listened to a few cds that were given to me to listen by my upline, and believe me all it is is someone running their mouth saying the same stuff, just rewording it. And same with the meetings, same exact stuff. Guess what these "life changing conferences" are? hundreds of dollars, days away from family in another state to go to listen to couples talking about "having to work 10 hours a day to get by before finding amway" and "get on standing order, buy cds and books, do core, etc". Of course a lot of idiots are screaming their lungs out cheering like they are a bunch of hyenas at a pep rally. "Oh My God, here is John Smith, he's a Diamond". Now, what does that have to do with me? Does that fill my car with gas?

Then your upline wants to constantly keep you after each meeting to talk to other people higher up to listen to their bs. Also, they say don't argue, disrespect, or disagree with your upline. WTF!, they're not my parents who the hell is that?

Lastly they want you to reach out to family, friends, your friends' friends, families' friends, random people at public places or on the streets to get them to join. When it's on the phone you say some crap about how you are in a successful and rapid growing business with your good friend (upline) and then they give the real bs. Now, get them in a corner by asking questions, and they will give a run around and try to act like they can explain in great deal in person. That is just for you to face them, and they usually try to do it a day of a meeting that they will volunteer to drive you to.

Really though, try to take notice how people you pester look at you. You will find that they will talk to you less, be around you less, ignore you more, etc. Tell uplines that/bring it up in a meeting/ and they will act like it's no problem/no harm no foul. They can say that as they don't know the person. Another thing is they feel that you need to be around ambitious people that want to make money, and not be around the people that don't. That includes family. In the end, the only people you will hear from are the Amway people. So how can a person feel with everyone else ignoring them? They will then feel the need to be around the Amway people more by attending more meetings, conferences, house meetings, etc. Spending more and more money and losing gas. That's when you become more like them as you really have no one else.

Anonymous said...