Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Believing In Amway?

In the past, and I believe still today, some leaders in motivational groups talk about faith and belief. Speak it into existence. Some of this is the mantra amongst IBOs who believe they are going diamond. Never mind that statistically, your chance of winning the lottery might be better than going diamond in Amway. In fact, I believe there have been more powerball lottery winners than new Amway diamonds in the US and Canada in recent years. But an honest question for IBOs, prospects, and Amway supporters. Do you truly believe that this business works and that you will succeed?

If you truly believe, would you feel confident walking into a bank and meeting a loan officer. Tell the loan officer that all you do is sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2 and you will be a new platinum (silver). Then all you need is 6 of these groups and the money will roll in forever while you sit on a beach in the Bahamas while money rolls in by the barrelfull. And then ask the loan offier for a business loan. If you think this suggestion is crazy, maybe you don't truly believe in the business. Surely a loan officer would have some financial acumen and would be able to determine the viability of the business prior to approving a loan.

Would you feel comfortable talking to your doctor about joining Amway because a diamond makes much more income with less effort? How about a business professor at your local university? Surely someone with an established expertise in business would see the value of an Amway business and join your efforts? Or would the professor laugh you out of his office? Do you truly believe in what you do? If so, do you use the curiosity approach or are you straight up with prospects and invite them to an Amway meeting? If it's the latter and not the former, maybe your belief isn't that strong?

How hard do you work at building your business? If you truly believe that going diamond is the answer to all of life's challenges and problems, why aren't you building it and working on it as if your very life depended on it? Maybe your belief isn't what you think it is? Are you adding people to your downline every week or month? If not, maybe your belief isn't what you think it is?

If you have some doubts about what you are doing, then it is probably because you see IBOs coming and going. Maybe you see monthly losses in your business. Maybe you see people quitting the business regularly. Maybe you see the same old leaders on stage giving the same rah rah speeches. Maybe you see the logic and the common sense in most of the articles posted on this blog. My blog isn't here to make anyone quit Amway. My blog is to provide information to information seekers and to assist people in making informed decisions if they seek information prior to joining Amway and a motivational group such as WWDB or BWW.

Do you truly believe in what you're doing?


Anonymous said...

To say "your chance of winning the lottery might be better than going diamond in Amway."
Is a doubt in a person inner ability for the possible. A lottery is a chance you take with no effort. There is nothing gain but money. A person who does a business and works towards a level or position they want to achieve will have progress and result, because they worked at it everyday. That is not chance that success. I've met many doctors in this business an the main reason why they choose to do this business is because many of them work 120 hours a week. Its a great profession, but they do not see their family and many of doctors have loans to pay off. Also the nutritional and hine products are great for yoursel and the planet. Those are some of the reasons why a lot of many professionals are turning over to network marketing businesses.

Joecool said...

Yes amway works for a few but the vast majority make nothing or lose money. That's an indisputable fact.

ExAmbot said...

Let's put the success in it's proper perspective. ScAmway works for the very few who are able to successfully perch themselves through "lying, manipulation, being phoneys and consistent" on the backs of the starry-eyed, hoodwinked many.

Anonymous said...

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Vinay Pawar said...

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