Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tools For Amway?

As an IBO, I was told that I "needed" to attend all functions. Attending all functions meant "all" is what I was told. Brad Duncan once had a tape in the true north series where he said that downline should not cancel standing orders even when IBOs quit, because there would then be an urgency to replace that person. I was in WWDB and while not everyone in WWDB may have taught this, our group was told that we should purchase 5-7additional tapes/cds in addition to standing order because we needed to listen to new material daily and because we should be passing out these materials as they will sponsor new people. To date, I do not know of anyone who passed out a tape or cd and had someone decide to join the Amway business as a result of listening to that tape or cd.

When I was in the business (In WWDB), our group was told that WWDB was a non profit organization. That was quickly retracted, but still, the WWDB leaders stood on stage in front of tens of thousands of IBOs and said nobody made a profit from tools. We now know that it was a lie. We also know that many of these leaders are still teaching, and as far as I know, not a single WWDB leader has ever been accountable for these lies. Some of these lies may have caused untold financial damage to downline. I'm certain I would have been less dedicated to tools if I had known that some uplines made most of their income from tools and that their advice was a conflict of interest. Some Amway defenders are currently talking about how some negative misinformation about Amway is hurting their business, but ironically, it would appear that most damage to Amway has been done by IBOs themselves, such as tricking people to meetings. As far as I know, not a single person has ever been held liable for the financial damages to downlines and former IBOs who lost money by being told lies about Amway.

Now I also would like to emphasize that I do not believe the tools work and do not produce any results. While Amway defenders will claim that most if not all new emeralds and diamonds are on the system, they fail to mention that there are also tens or hundreds of thousands of people who work the system without results. As far as I know, there is no bonafide unbiased evidence that suggests that the system produces any results. It is why IBOs end up later talking about being a nicer person of how their marriage was strenghthened by joining the system. While these are nice side benefits (if true), these reasons are not why you started a business. A business exists to make a profit, yet uplines make all kinds of excuses as to why IBOs did not profit, even placing the blame on the IBOs who trusted them.

It brings me to the real purpose of having tools. The REAL purpose of tools is to make profits for your upline. I believe the tools were invented as a way to motivate and train new and distance IBOs, but apparently, GREED eventually set in and many uplines started emphasizing tools, not because they wanted downline success, but because their tool businesses were wildly successful with thousands of captive downline dedicated to the system. I believe it is why I saw many IBOs who worked hard, never missed a meeting or function, did nto sponsor any downline, but were still told they needed more and more tools.

I believe the real purpose of having tools is so your upline's tools business can be


Anonymous said...

This blog is very negeative towards this great company. You are mislead by your own opinions and experiences. If this business has not worked for you, that does not mean it will not work for others. Their are thousands and many more successful people in Amway. It takes hard work and motivation for others and yourself in this business. I'm sorry you feel this way, but putting up a negative blog about an ultra International succesful business is stealing this amazing opportunity for people who can highly benefit from this. Every team of leaders are different, meeting are not mandatory, they are recommended for your education and it is impossible for an upline to profit from your tools. That money does not go to your upline. Again tools are not mandatory but they do help your business grow because it helps to show your clients and prospects a visual. I'm sorry you had a negtive experience, maybe with a better team of support you would have had different view.Every decision is up to you. That's why education and proper information is very important.

Anonymous said...

"ultra international"??? Is that more than regular international?
Impossible to profit from tools? How so? Where does that money go?

Several posts on this blog discuss intrinsic motivation. Success breeds success. Show me a winning investment, have it work out for me, and others as well, I will continue to invest and work.

Amway isn't the monster here. most intelligent negators would agree. Amway provides products, a mode of sales, and incentives. It is the AMO's who value money over life that give Amway and the IBOs a bad name. The motivational fodder that consists of mostly a rich couple bragging about how rich they are and then telling you to follow upline and you can do the same. If your upline is following their upline, who is following their upline, who is following their upline, and so on...... who does it lead back to? The guy selling you the CDs, telling you he will reveal his masterful secrets in his next CD.
Heck, I've been on 3 Caribbean vacations in the last 3 months and have spent a great deal of time on boats in the ocean, walking beaches, drinking umbrella drinks, and have all the pictures to prove it. Want to know how? Buy my next anonymous blog reply at $20 a copy and I will gladly show you how after roughly 200 people also send me the cash. After all, how will I get to Key West this time if I don't charge you on how to get there. It is an investment in your future. Only you can lay the groundwork for this amazing opportunity.

Anonymous said...

I have seen one of the tool cd's offered by a Scamway minion--what a joke. Not one time was the company "Amway" mentioned. It was all about partnering with other retailers to sell goods at highly inflated prices (to cover profit for the partner company as well as profit for IBO and upline).

Meetings and functions are MANDATORY if you want to show your upline that you are "serious" about your business.

Leadership Team Development (LTD), made up of a group of Scamway persons who have reached diamond (not many), provides subscriptions at three levels for audio broadcasts, messaging, etc. If an IBO under one of their people, you are REQUIRED to subscribe to one of these levels of memberships--again to show your upline that you are "serious" about your business.

Prices for the goods offered are extremely high in comparison to like items found elsewhere. In addition, some of the marketing practices for Amway items have been called to question and investigated.

People may think that Amway selling is a good opportunity but it is not due to the multi-level marketing (MLM) aspect tied in via groups such as WWDB and LTD. A better plan would be to sell for Amway directly, cutting out these "uplines". If their materials, etc., are good, people will purchase and come back for more. By doing this approach, prices could be lowered significantly enabling the IBOs to actually make a profit, have a much better chance of actually selling product, and not be made to be part of a cult-like institution.

Anonymous said...

Anon. Who are the thousands successful in the amway business. There are a few and even those make money from tools. I was shown the plan 30 years ago. I said i would sign up with the first person coming back to me and able to show he is making money. Im still waiting.

ExAmbot said...

Walking the beaches, umbrella! I am excited, pumped up, stoked up, fired up! I am ready to sign up, where do I sign?

Please make it quick before the kool-aide wears off.

Anonymous said...

I will be sipping more umbrella drinks this week! And walking beaches! It's going to be amazing! You can do this too! All you have to do is be patient! Eventually, if you keep doing exactly what I am doing, you can walk beaches and drink umbrella drinks too! You just have to do exactly what I do!

Joecool said...

I live in Hawaii. I already walk beaches sipping drinks. And I don't scam anyone like you. Lol

Anonymous said...

You could charge people for CDs saying how you got the opportunity to live in Hawaii! All they have to do is exactly what you are doing (live in Hawaii) and they could live in Hawaii!