Friday, June 21, 2013

The Amway Plan?

I’m not sure whether this plan was carefully crafted out or whether it just evolved, but the way some uplines show the plan is cleverly designed to suck people into their systems. If you aren’t aware or careful, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the presentation. The presentation is full of deception and I will try to point out these items in my analysis.

The speaker may talk about how he once thought he was “doing okay” in life. That he was making a living and able to meet his financial obligations. But he thought there might be more. One day he saw the plan and it changed his life. He did not realize he had gotten into a rut of going to work and going home every day and looking forward to his 2 weeks off each year. (This is relatable for many) That time and money are so important in life. Control of time and money is the key to success. Many people have lots of money but work all day and nite. Or people have time but are broke and can’t do much. The speaker might mention dreams or goals such as having an extra $500 a month or more. What would you do for an extra $500 a month. What about an extra $50,000 a year? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the wife stay home with the kids instead of leaving the family to go to work? Like the “Leave it to Beaver” days? (This gets the women excited)

The speaker will likely mention something about the economy and how prices always go up. The speaker may mention the 4 “I’s” that suck money out of your paycheck. The four I’s are Interest, Income Tax, Insurance and Inflation. The speaker may talk about how the government will take their cut and so on until you get your “net”. The speaker may mention how so many Americans are dead or broke by age 65, and that social security will collapse. (This instills fear in many people).

The speaker might also go on to mention how so many marriages are falling apart in the US because of financial stress. That couples work so hard that they have no family time and it hurts marriages. That people work so many hours these days that they are married to their desks. The “manager” of the office is the first one there and the last one to go home. That despite all of this work and effort, people are falling into debt. Credit cards maxed out, loans, trying to keep up with the Joneses. (Many people can relate to this)

But now, because he was looking for opportunity/open minded one day, he saw an opportunity. This opportunity changed his life and can do the same for you! The speaker now wakes up at the crack of noon. His wife stays home with him and the kids. They take nice vacations and they do what they want when they want. (Of course, who doesn’t? But is this true?) The opportunity takes advantage of the internet and allows you to leverage your time and money so that you can create a residual walk away income. (But nobody walks away do they?)

This is approximately the point in the presentation where they mention “Amway” At this point, the speaker will defend Amway, stating that if you can make money, does it matter.? If you can save money, does it matter? The speaker may go into the product line and mention partner stores and will likely show a 6-4-2 plan or a variation of it. In every case, they will show a best case scenario, not what is likely. Many prospects will leave thinking “all I need is six”. They don’t understand how unlikely it is to sponsor six platinums and there is no mention of the retention rates, the income most IBOs can expect, and firm questions will be deflected to the prospect’s inviter. The speaker may also discourage you from speaking to friends and family as they may have a bad experience but the diamond is successful and knows more about Amway than your family and friends.

Joe’s commentary: So the speaker becomes very relatable from the start. His situation in life will be like many in the audience. He will talk about doing okay,. But wanting more or looking for more. He talks about debts and many in the audience will also relate. They get people to think about dream cars or vacations. He talks about walk away income, but doesn’t mention that very very few ever make significant money and apparently, not many actually walk away either. They say you will make money and save money by doing the business. It’s hard to argue against that,.except most people will not make money or save money. In fact most people, if they participate fully or partially in the training system, they will lose money. For the dedicated IBOs, many of them LOSE LOTS OF MONEY. The plan is crafted out to sound sensible and relatable, but many IBOs will give it a try and shortly after, will realize that the system doesn’t work, that the reputation of Amway IBOs is soiled and sponsoring people or even getting people to see the plan is a barrier that most people simply cannot overcome. At least if you know what’s going on, you may be able to avoid the trap.


Vinayak Dhas said...

PLZ TELL how much u get from hidden source for defaming amway.if u r not practising some things in life u cant become habitual for same manner without getting enough knowledge and understanding amway people like u think that only doing some discsussion n only joing people without explaing them how to deal WITH amway instantly u can make money??one thing always keep in mind,despit many peoples negative view,that we aproximately give our hardwork mony to people in retail shop without any hasitation n problem.give them our 28 year sallery without that time no single rupee discount gurantee given by retailor.and in return we purchase qualityless phosphate products harmful for environment.In job,u r bounded only with hardwork n just obeying spare time waste only time with barganing for middleman needs,thinking like cheaper,suggesting economists about world economy with friend,this is our real achivement.we job mentally people can easily teach great players about their games yhat how they should play.our countrie economy should be in such a way supposing ourself as a famous economist.we r not ready to change anymore BUT REALY WANT THAT SITUATIONS AROUND US SHOULD GET CHANGED.So instead of blaming AMWAY,do something useful for ur family without wasting time in group of Great scientist friends.ITS SIMLE PEOPLE CAN ONLY ARGUE OR CAN MAKE MONEY, NO MATTER WHAT IS SOLD.also PLZ Note Amway donates 10% of income upon Blind Children

Joecool said...

Please tell me what in the article defames Amway?

Amway donates 10$ of their income to blind children? Where's your link to that information or are you making it up?

ExAmbot said...

Dude is high like a Georgia pine on scAmway kool-aide!

These Amroids get all twisted in their minds if someone has a different view of their scAmway religion than they do. Get a grip already! Not everybody wants to kumbaya in your heaven and worship your materialist god! Lawd have mercy.

ExAmbot said...

Charity to blind children? Really? They seem to "donate" more to harmed former ambot plaintiffs on lawsuits that are potentially harmful to the pyramid if not paid off sooner than later (of course sans admitting guilt, conveniently).