Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chasing Amway Dreams?

I was working in my yard recently and I was conversing with my neighbor. She told me that she just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, but alas, her dreams didn't come true. I guess she had hoped to hit the "megabucks" jackpot, which is a slot machine linked to various casinos and has a minimum payout of ten million dollars. It got me thinking about how the Amway business is sold by the AMOs and it has a similar concept.

While Amway apologists will jump on the part where the Amway business is not a game of chance like a slot machine, and I agree. Amway is a business and not a game of chance. But what is eerily similar is the dismal rate of success that most Amwayers achieve. It would appear based on Amway numbers that maybe 1 in 20,000 or so reach diamond (similar to lottery winners) and even those who reach diamond often cannot hold onto it. Many people will agree that a platinum-ship business will often have about 100 to 150 downline IBOs. And many people also agree that a platinum business, if fully dedicated to tools, will break even or make a small profit, and possibly a small loss, depending on the dedication to tools and functions.

Many prospects and IBOs are tempted to join and stay in Amway by talks of dreams. For many people, the thought of working another 20 - 30 years sounds mundane so the idea that you can work hard for 2-5 years and then retire while enjoying untold luxuries will sound great to many people, especially those who haven't yet achieved any financial security in life. I was once there and I speak from experience. To entice prospects and IBOs to bite into the dream achievement mode, they show pictures of nice cars, mansions, yachts, jets, golfing in exclusive clubs, etc. the diamonds may even make claims such as paying for all these goodies in cash or imply that barrels of cash rolls in once you go diamond. But what we now know is that many diamonds do what they teach - fake it.

I have seen stories of diamonds renting these items to appear wealthier than they are. We also know that many diamonds had/have mortgages and some have financial problems. Sure, diamonds are just people, but they earn a portion of their living because they are suppposedly successful and IBOs want to learn from them and their experiences. How dedicated to the system would you be if you knew your diamond was bankrupt or lied about buying a home in cash? How dedicated would you be if your diamond had lied to you or others in the past about their success? How loyal would you be to a diamond who says Amway saves marriages, and then gets divorced? Sure, diamonds are people, but they have put themselves into positions where more is expected and required of them. They are leaders and should be held to a higher standard.

Joecool says follow your dreams. But most importantly, remember that you don't need the Amway opportunity, and you don't need Amway tools and functions to achieve those dreams.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you are bringing up old stories.

Yes, it's true that there have been about a couple of divorces that occurred in the families, however that doesn't change the fact that MOST of the marriages have been healthy and saved due to financial independence.

Yes, it's true that Greg Duncan was bankrupt one time, because he decided to invest millions of dollars into all these projects that ended up failing, so he ended up bankrupt for a short while because he made a bad investment.

However Greg recovered from that by building his business to triple diamond and now he's financially free again.

Dude, I see people fail all around the world or fall back on their high statures in job positions or fame positions in other industries, so why aren't you complaining about them too?

Why aren't you criticizing that Obama has lied about everything he said he was gonna fix? Hahahhaa you're pathetic Steve get a life bro

Joecool said...

Greg went bankrupt as a triple diamond. LOL How do you know he recovered? Have you seen his financials?

Others fall back but I don't complain because they don't make money by lying and cheating innocent people.

You get a life.

Anonymous said...

Nah, get a life poor Stevie, you're probably trying to make money on innocent people on this very blog by lying and cheating the genuinely innocent people who could've made money in a great opportunity.

Greg Duncan wasn't Triple Diamond during the time of his bankruptcy, but he went Triple Diamond after that to go fix it. You don't even know what you're talking about, you stupid old moron.

I guess the stupid Jap with a small dick named Steve Nakamura has a stick in his ass and just rambles off nonsense without even knowing what the fuck he is talking about. I should stick my dick in his mouth so he shuts the fuck up and teabag Stevie's eye sockets so he is blinded from ever typing on a computer screen again.


Joecool said...

My name isn't Steve. Sorry, Duncan was a triple diamond filing bankruptcy. What a loser!

I'm a broke loser? Why don't you prove you've made some money in Amway? I'l be here waiting while the crickets chirp.

Joecool said...

My name is anonymous from San Jose California with an IP Address of and I have been banned from Joecool's blog for profanity, racial slurs and other vile and puerile comments.