Monday, December 21, 2015

Amway Alternatives?

One of the humorous things that IBOs often bring up is that someone who sees Amway in a critical eye should bring up viable alternatives. I mean if someone prevents you from falling over a cliff, they should have warned you and given you alternatives right? If I recognized you getting conned by a conman, I should find viable financial investments for you before warning you of the potential scam you are about to walk into? It sounds completely ridiculous but Amway IBOs have actually made those comments on this blog and some other Amway related websites.

Well, let's explore a few anyway jusy for fun. How about you stay home and do nothing? For most IBOs, you would be better off financially than committing your time and resources into Amway's products and their ineffective training materials and functions. If you are really dedicated to tools, sending your upline a check for $50 monthly and not buying Amway goods or related training materials would make you better off.

A second job where you actually receive a paycheck is a better alternative. While there's no hype and hopes of getting rich in 2-5 years, you can do much for your future by saving a portion of that paycheck each month. If you are young, this especially applies to you. But anyone can help their future by saving and investing. Even someone who pan handles is more likely to have more net cash than most Amway IBOs. The vast majority of business building IBOs actually have a net loss because of the expenses they incur with training materials such as cds and seminars.

Sure, some people do make money in Amway and some make a lot of money. The problem is they make money by exploiting their downlines and those hopeful downlines basically have no hope. In other words, you profit by selling false hope and false dreams. Basically, you can gain wealth in Amway by being a conman. Can you live with yourself in order to profit at any cost? They sell you on Amway as a financial vehicle but they turn around and tell you that cds, books and functions are the key to success and then make significant profits from those materials whether even if you make nothing or suffer huge business losses.

I haven't even gone into the amount of time lost chasing prospects and attending functions. Your time might be the most valuable commodity that is lost chasing the 2-5 year dream. Ask yourself this question. Where are these diamonds who did the 2-5 year plan living in luxury and doing nothing? I don't know of any/ Do you?


Ray said...

@Joecool: Yes, panhandling is definitely a better alternative than Amway because it is not only more profitable but also more honest because the panhandler doesn't have to try to b.s. anybody to come to a meeting to show them "this thing I do for extra money".
The start up cost for the panhandler is only abour 2 dollars for the felt tip pen and the cardboard is free in the dumpster behind the store. But the real entrepreneur type of panhandler could adapt the Amway approach to it by selling the pen for 5 bucks and the free cardboard for a buck fifty or so. And if the MLM panhandler can do this to five of his buddies times 5 he will soon in 2 to 5 years be strolling the streets of the city with all his free time and not have to panhandle any more with all that residual income.

Joecool said...

LOL, pan handling is low overhead and low risk. You can start and make profits almost instantly.

Anonymous said...

Here in New York, a panhandler with a good location (Grand Central Station, Times Square, Macy's on 34th Street) can make between 300 and 500 dollars a day. I'm not kidding about this -- and the money is completely tax-free. It makes perfect sense: if five thousand people pass by every day, and even if just a small percentage of them throw you a few coins, you most likely will take home three figures that evening.

How much better is this than what a lowly IBO at the bottom of the down-line will make for his first five years in Scamway?

A news flash for ambots: those New York panhandlers will be "walking the beaches of the world" long before you ever get there.

Joecool said...

Those pan handlers at least have a net gain. IBOs end up with net losses because of business expenses and tools expenses.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question its about 300 to 500 dollars per day better than what ibos make. Because ibos make nothing

Joecool said...

300 to 500 a day is pretty darn good money. Most IBOs never make a net profit.