Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Building An Amway Business?

Building an Amway business. That's what many IBOs set out to do, except they don't know how to build a business, and based on IBO behavior and the things they say and do, it makes me wonder what their upline actually knows about building a business. A typical business owner will get started, and needs people to know that their business is there.

When you open a store or a restaurant, you may not make a lot of money intitially because not enough customers know about your store and you have not yet built a reputation. New customers who have a good experience are likely to return for more, and they are also likely to tell others about your store. Over time, you create a customer base and your weekly sales become consistent and somewhat predictable. Conversely, if customers have a bad experience, they are likely to tell others as well.

In the Amway business, many IBOs have no idea about building a business. They are shown great (apparent) wealth by upline, and then told that their business activity consists of showing the plan, listening to standing order and attending functions. Most of an IBO's activity, as prescribed by upline, costs money instead of generating sales. Some uplines do teach IBOs to sell items, but more often than not, it is not taught as a priority.

What's more, as I said, a new business will get repeat customers when a customer has a good experience. What do you suppose happens when IBOs lie or trick people into attending Amway meetings, or deceive people about their business, or make up wild stories about perfect water? What happens when you embellish the truth about success and then cannot provide an answer when a recruit asks and IBO how they are doing in the Amway business? What happens when an IBO tells a potential recruit that he or she is a loser or stupid for not joining Amway? Would you return to a store if they called you stupid as you were leaving? What if you were called a loser?

These are the reasons why IBOs in general cannot get enough customers to sustain a consistent and predictable amount of sales, and why over the years, Amway has at best a spotty reputation. Just the mention of the name Amway and you may get funny looks from people. It is why certain internet zealots promoting Amway do more harm than good.


Anonymous said...

By "internet zealots" I assume you mean that asshole "IBOFightback" and Amway's whore-on-retainer, Bridgett. But no one outside of committed ambots takes those two buffoons seriously.

You're absolutely right -- the crucial thing for the success of any business is REPUTATION. And in this respect Amway and its big brass in Ada have spectacularly failed. Just say "Amway" and people snicker uncomfortably, or roll their eyes.

But as has been pointed out many times here, Amway doesn't run on products. The products are just "wampum." Amway runs on deceiving individuals about their chances, and then conning them for as long as possible about how they will soon "hit it big." Therefore Amway doesn't have to be nice and accommodating, the way that's expected in normal businesses that deal with the public. All Amway has to be is domineering and manipulative over those whom it tricks into joining.

It's a truly sick joke that on Amway's official website the motto is "Amway conveys quality." What total bullshit! All Amway conveys is the stench of deceit and greed.

Joecool said...

Actually, IBOFB is an asshat and Bridgett Baron is an asswipe, but there are many other zealots who do more harm tha good for Amway.

And yeah, a business relies on reputation. And Amway's in in the toilet for most people in the US. I myself was tricked into a meeting at one time. If Amway IBOs could join and make money, the word would get out and people would be attracted to a recruitment meeting instead of having to be tricked or lied to. That in itself says a lot.

And quality is subjective. In my opinion, Amway products are generally average at best, but with premium prices. Or, it's like driving a Ford that costs the same as a Mercedes.