Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Amway Reality?

One of the things that attracts many IBOs to the Amway opportunity is the idea that they can work part time, 2-5 years and gain a "shortcut" to ongoing and voluminous wealth. Many of the prospects don't have the kind of income or resources that they would like, so the possibility of a shortcut to these trappings sounds like a good idea. They sign up and get started, and then the realities of the business sets in. It's almost like the story of how to boil a frog, except that IBOs don't realize that they are the frogs.

100 PV, is the defacto minimum quota for business building IBOs. It costs about $300 to purchase 100 PV worth of products. How many young and single people or couples for that matter, use and/or need $300 worth of household products each month? How many of these same people can actually afford to expend that much cash on household products? The pitch is to change where you shop but how many people were buying these kinds of good prior to Amway? My guess is none. I know I purchased many items, including vitamins, and I didn't need or use before Amway. But my desire to be teachable and to be an example to my downline kept me buying the goods, and trying to pawn off some stuff on friends and relatives to lessen my PV burden.

I also found that getting people to see the plan was no easy task. While my business was growing, it took more and more effort to recruit downline and I can see where many IBOs would reach the saturation point where there simply aren't anymore viable recruits and they might need to resort to cold contacting in order to generate potential prospects. This is probably why there are stories of IBOs stalking people in bookstores, malls and supermarkets. Even when people saw the plan, there wasn't a high percentage of new people signing up. It is why building and maintaining a business is a nearly impossible task, and it is why I believe there aren't people who retire, walk away from their Amway businesses and enjoy six figure residual incomes for life.

The more likely scenario is an IBO signing up, buy and using the products and tools and slowly but surely build up debt. There are countless stories of ex IBOs who got fired up, started building the business and fouond that in a relatively short period of time, found themselves in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in debt. All the while upline was encouraging them to buy more tools and attend more function, even when they were not profitable. In my opinion, this is confirmation that uplines care more about their tools profits that they do about downline success. I sat in functions where upline would teach about reducing debt, but in the same breath, say it was okay to go deeper in debt if it was to purchase more tools. Self serving advice.

It is why I believe this opportunity, along with the tools system, will nearly guarantee IBO failure. It is sad, but it is also a reality.


Anonymous said...

The hook that Amway uses is the lie that you'll basically get rich within two to five years.

The thing that keeps people in longer than that is the further lie that "Success is just around the corner! Don't quit now! You're almost there!"

This Amway racket is exactly like seducing a young girl by telling her that you'll give her a wedding ring real soon. Then while you exploit her sexually, keep telling her that "We'll get married! Don't worry -- I'm almost ready!"

Joecool said...

Yes, once you get the hook set in, the diamonds reel in these IBOs for tens of thousands of dollars. The real money is in selling the books, voicemail, cds and seminars.

Anonymous said...

I remembered during the time after my sponsor showed me "the plan", the sponsor told me not to tell your family and friends about this "secret". Why would they say that?

Anonymous said...

I read at another website where some defender of MLM schemes said that "This isn't a business opportunity about selling products. This is a business opportunity about creating business opportunities!"

Anyone stupid enough to fall for a flaky line like that belongs in a fraud like Amway.

Joecool said...

They don't want you to learn the truth, or google Amway and find websites like this. They're afraid that you'll see the truth and end up not joining. The upline is perfectly happy if you join, buy some products and attend some functions then quit.

But what they really like are folks who buy stuff and attend all functions and never quit. They don't care if you succeed or not.

If you don't believe me, join and do everything upline says, then stop attending functions for a while and see what happens.

Joecool said...

That's why I believe Amway is a scheme. It's about selling false hopes and dreams via a business opportunity and not so much about the products.

Anonymous said...

That's why your up-line in Amway keeps pestering you to be "CORE." They'll bug you with insistent questions like "Are you CORE? Why aren't you CORE? You won't succeed unless you're CORE!"

CORE just means that you are completely enslaved to Amway, and will continue to send money up-line for the rest of your life, or until you're totally broke.

Joecool said...

Look at the CORE steps. Read a book = money to upline. Voicemail = money to upline, standing order = money tp upline, 100PV = money to upline, attend all functions = big money to upline. Selling a product gets you some money but upline also gets money for nothing other than signing up before you.

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Anonymous said...

Shove it up your ass, Cynthia Corvin.

Joecool said...

Cynthia has left the house. LOL