Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Dream Night Function?

If you're an Amway, or in particular, a WWDB Amway IBO, you are likely going to be offered a chance to attend a function called dream night next month.

As an IBO, I was a member of Worldwide Dream Builders, or WWDB. We often told prospects, when recruiting, that we were with WWDB and did not mention Amway unless the prospect asked. If the prospect didn't ask, then we didn't tell. Apparently, part of the appeal of WWDB was to appear successful, even if you were not. It is probably why in some functions, we were taught to "fake it till you make it". Basically, the premise was to appear successful until you actually became successful. Sadly, there were very few who were "successful". For most serious business builders, business losses were incurred because of their involvement with business support materials, which is promoted heavily by Amway and WWDB Leaders.

WWDB also schedules a major function called "Dream Night". Thus function might also be called a Winter Conference. This was a one evening function with a sit down dinner at a cost or about $65 to $75 per person. A major portion of the function was a slide show of he diamond lifestyle. We saw mansions, yachts, jetskis, sports cars and fabulous trips, jewelry and all kinds of extravagant luxuries not intended for the mortal man. But, all of this was yours if only you would follow the foolproof WWDB system. I thought it was real when I was an IBO, but I now wonder if these luxuries were really owned by the diamonds. I suspect they may not have been. The money these diamonds supposedly earned was unlimited, or so we thought. I know that a diamond lifestyle isn't as rosy as they want you to think.

Diamonds apparently must keep working. Even if some of them might collect Amway income for a while, if they "walked away" from the business, attrition would kills their businesses pretty quickly and I believe their lucrative tools and functions income would stop the moment they stopped working the business. Imagine building a big sand castle. It may look nice for a while but once you stop proeting it, the waves will eat it away and eventually return the sand to the ocean. Just like an unmaintained Amway business. For that reason, I don't know of anyone who built their business to diamond and walked away to retire in untold wealth and luxury.

Anyway, getting back to the subject, I ask this question. How many dreams have been built as a result of someone's involvement with Worldwide Dreambuilders? Diamond David Shores apparently had his homeforeclosed. Triple Diamond Greg Duncan apparently suffered the same fate plus some involvement with bankruptcy. Brad Wolgamott is not with his wife or WWDB anymore, along with Dean Kosage. I don't see reports of any new WWDB diamonds and in fact, I believe there are fewer diamonds in WWDB now than when I was an IBO. Where are the diamonds? Where are the dreams? Whose dreams have been built? Conversely, I have seen people's finances wrecked with WWDB being a major contributor to that problem.

If you are being prospected or seeking information on WWDB or other LOS groups, ask them where the success is. Do not accept pictures of checks or pictures of sports cars as proof. Ask for bonafide financial records like real business owners do. If you need more information, my contact information is on my profile. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I watched a tape of a WWDB function on the internet once. I saw that colossal con-man, Dexter Yager, running around the reception hall glad-handing everyone, giving high-fives to all, pumping his fist in triumph, and finally getting up on a stage to greet the audience. Here were his words:

"Man, this is the biggest gathering of future millionaires that I've ever seen!"

The reception hall exploded in cheers and shouts. Everybody was up on their feet, howling and jumping around like jackrabbits on amphetamines. It reminded me of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies, but without the slick uniforms and discipline. They were "future millionaires!"

Could all of these morons actually believe that they were going to become millionaires via Amway? I suppose they did, but to me the whole thing looked and sounded like a convention of escaped lunatics.

Joecool said...

That's what WWDB sells. False hopes and dreams. All those folk might become millionaires one day but it won't be from Amway.

If you look at an audience at a big function, say 25,000 people in attendance and there are 1 or 2 diamonds, there, that's about right. 1-2 people out of 25,000 reach the level of diamond.

Anonymous said...

And thost one or two will not be diamonds for very long.

Mag Daggler said...

Amway -- what better way to lose money while you fail.

Joecool said...

Yes, many fall out of qualification. With the attirtion rate in Amway, it's not surprising.

Joecool said...

Yes, join Amway and you are nearly assured to lose money.

Qiunan Tang said...

When some systems fails we made 3 diamond , two edc , one triple diamond in North American only (all first time). And we made 10 new founder crown worldwide. It won't be surprised of those diamond fail out if they act like what joe said .

Joecool said...

Can you actually name any of these diamonds?