Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Can't Amway IBOs Give A Straight Answer?

One of the humorous things about Amway IBOs is their ability to say a whole lot without having any substance. They'll talk about how great the business is and how much they have learned and then when you ask if they made any money, you either get dead silence or you get some answer about how they's seen a copy of a check from someone's upline diamond or something like that. But it's very rare that an IBO will be upfront about their earnings. Of course I can understand that someone brand new might not have made a whole lot, but I have seen some IBOs outright lie and say they've been in Amway a month and they're making $5000 a month or some other tall tale like like.

Even when discussing some Amway released information such as the average earnings of an IBO, you can hear all kinds of excuses provided by Amwayers. They will make excuses like most IBOs do nothing. As if that isn't a problem in itself. Or they make stupid analogies about people signing up for a gym membership and then not doing anything. As if owning a business and exercising are the same thing. I even hear questionable claims about how so many people sign up as IBOs to get lower prices. I chuckle when I hear that because Amway's prices in general, are not competitive with big retailers. I believe that is because Amway must add the cost of IBO bonuses in the cost of their goods and services. While an IBO might save from the full retail price of Amway products, you can (in most cases) find the same or a similar product cheaper online or at Walmart.

Another area where IBOs like to divert the discussion is when the discussion is about the success rate of IBOs in general. Based on Amway's own numbers, less than one half of one percent of IBOs reach the level of platinum. Platinum is the level where allegedly, an IBO either breaks even or starts to make some net profit. It would depend on whether the IBO is involved in the tools and to whet level of participation. But IBOs like to downplay this fact as if people simply did not work hard enough or did not learn enough, rather than simply acknowledging that the system itself might be flawed.

The last area I see issues is when talking about selling products. I suspect that product sales to no IBOs is relatively small. I believe there may be some exceptional people who can sell, but people in general, do not like to or do not possess the skills to sell products. Yet I see IBOs making all kinds of stories about "selling" to customers. I rarely get a straight answer about product sales as well. The fact that many Amway IBOs can't give a straight answer is quite telling.


Anonymous said...

Amway, and all its various corrupt subsystems, are a business cult. And in the manner of every cult, Amway depends crucially on a specialized view of the world, and a deceptive vocabulary.

Ever try talking to a Scientologist? You might as well be conversing with a robot. The same is true for Amway freaks. They have a specialized, weird vocabulary, and a peculiar habit of stating things indirectly and vaguely rather than straightforwardly.

You see, in a cult like Amway, the only "truth" is the truth that has been certified by Amway and its spokesmen. Everything else is "false" or "prejudiced" or "hostile" or "inaccurate." Therefore the mere act of your asking a probing question about Amway strikes an Amway freak as evil. Questions that suggest the questioner doesn't have a totally committed acceptance of Amway and its absurd promises are considered insulting and ignorant. How can you not believe is the Great Amway God? How can you not be aware of the glories of MLM plans? How can you not have read Robert Kiyosaki?

Therefore it makes little sense arguing with an Amway freak. He's not intellectually in charge of his own mind. It's best to attack the entire Amway system publicly, here and at other websites, warning off potential recruits. Believe me, this has had a major effect on Amway. Thousands of foolish people have been saved from making the big mistake of signing up with the company.

Joecool said...

The Amway IBOs have a prescribed way of answering. Usually they will answer your question with a question. When you can see through it, it can be humorous.

IMO, Kiyosaki is just a scammer who got lucky enough to sell hi crap to captive Amway audiences.

Anonymous said...

Joe, if you ask these people regarding their income, they will just run away or give even more excuses.

I find it hilarious that these people will come to your blog and say anything just to defend the "business opportunity" that they're involved.

Ask them about their income and surely their mood will change from their "smile" to "quick anger".

Joecool said...

Yeah, you wouldn't believe the efforts of IBOs trying to defend their scam business. Once you bring up how much they're earning, the discussion usually turns to insults. LOL

Anonymous said...

A relative of mine once attended an acting school run by a retired actor. This relative would sometimes invite fellow students to come over to our house. I noticed that all of them talked about the actor who ran the school as if he were some sainted Guru who could do no wrong. Their eyes lit up when mentioning the man, and they said that he was an absolute genius on not just acting, but everything.

When I dared to question some of the man's opinions and theories of acting, or if I mentioned the fact that he was just a small-time actor who had never made it big, the students would look at me in horror, as if I had blasphemed against Jehovah.

That's the attitude you are expected to have in Amway towards your up-line, especially the Platinum asshole at the head of your leg. He is your Guru, he knows everything, and his word is Absolute Law.

This happens regularly in all cults.