Friday, August 17, 2018

Does Anything Ever Change In Amway?

I was first recruited for Amway in 1985 or so. I was a senior in college and I was invited to a "beer bust". Imagine how weird it was to arrive at a beer bust to see my friend (who invited me and others) in a suit and pitching Amway to us. (Where was the damn beer?). So we got tricked into a meeting but we stayed to hear them out. We left and winded up going to buy beer. LOL.
My friends and I spoke about whether Amway could actually work an we concluded that selling stuff would be a difficult challenge that we may not be able to overcome.

We saw the 2-5 year plan and we saw the possibility of retiring young and "walking away" and living high on the hog for years to come. Back then, we saw picture of checks that Toshio Taba had received. (He has since passed away). We wondered if there was a niche market where some Amway products could be sold and profits could be made. We came to the conclusion that Amway products are too expensive to be competetive and we passed on the opportunity. The friend who invited us, of course told us he was going to be rich and would not be available to hang out with us. He quit 2 months later and rejoined our group of friends.

When I later saw the plan again, a friend of mine had joined Amway and had some level of success. He assured me that Amway was "easy" and that I could achieve the same success if I followed him. But it's not true. Even though I attained a level in Amway (4000 PV), I made no net profit. I suspect my sponsor, even at "direct" or platinum (now) made not net profit because of the expenses associated with being a platinum. (Extra travel, functions and costs to service downline). The concept that reaching a level will bring profits was a lie because "upline" advised that you should spend all profits and reinvest into the "system". Thus any profits were channeled upline in the form of tool purchases.

When I engage with current Amway IBOs and prospects, I honestly see no difference in the teaching that is espoused. The same old tired diamonds are stll around. Sure, there are a few new diamonds but the old ones who disappeared are greater in number than the new ones. If the system worked, wouldn't new diamonds be coming out of the system regularly? Apparently not. Hasn't anyone figured out that diamonds work until they pass? The Duncans and Wolgamott, Tsurudas and Harimoto have been diamonds for 20 - 30 years. If they were good teachersm where is the fruit on their tree? The tree is bare.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what your up-line would say if you told him that you were not going to pay for Standing Order, you were not going to attend any functions, you were not going to buy CommuniKate, and you were not going to shell out cash for weekly meetings. You were just going to sell Amway products and make a profit off that.

Can you imagine his rage? He'd refuse to work with you.

This proves that Amway is not a real business. It is nothing but a pyramid scheme based on endless recruitment.