Friday, August 10, 2018

Your Job Is A Pyramid?

One of ths things I take issue with is how Amway uplines will create an us versus them mentality in the business. Thus friends and family who care about you suddenly become "negative" and association with them should be limited or cut off completely. In some cases, people are discouraged from excellence in their jobs or professions because it takes the focus off of their Amway business. What I was told was to do my job, but my radar should always be on for new prospects. Some cross line IBOs turned down promotions at work because they did not want to have to work longer hours or take the focus off of their Amway businesses.

In some cases, the speaker at open meetings or functions will put down people's jobs. A commonly used acronym was J-O-B = "Just Over Broke". Some leaders also would say that my job was a pyramid because you will never earn more than the boss. A completely ridiculous comparison because someone's job has no relationship with how people view the Amway business (i.e. an Amway pyramid) and in a job, every employee gets paid and has a net gain at the end of the month. Not true in Amway. If IBOs only use KATE for example, an IBO at 100 PV or less will already be at a loss, and that is not considering any other expenses that IBO may have. And while a job may have a hierarchy, or chain of command, the business owner and CEO or manager earns their salary from customers, not directly from the pockets of their employees.

Some uplines will laugh about people's jobs, stating that they wake up at the "crack of noon". What these same uplines may not tell you is that they wake up at noon because they are up at 3:00 in the morning doing nite owls for their groups and looking for recruits. These same uplines possibly can't do much with their downlines since their downlines mostly tend to have 9-5 jobs. An Amway diamond still has a job, but they work the graveyard shift because the mainstream world works during the day. The part about waking up at the crack of noon is because your upline diamond has to sleep in since he's working the overnight shift.

So if you are of the opinion that nobody should criticize the Amway opportunity or IBO behavior, maybe uplines and IBOs should not criticize family and friends who disagree with or are not interested in the Amway opportunity. And maybe the same uplines and IBOs should not criticize people who choose to work jobs. Don't most IBOs rely on their jobs? More than likely their Amway income is not sufficient to even pay for their Amway business related expenses, let alone anything else. It is most often someone's job that winds up supporting their Amway business, which is truly ironic.


Anonymous said...

Hi joecool, Greetings from India.

I was in amway for the better part of 2 years. I made zero income. I lost a lot of money on traveling to functions, function tickets , CDs and products. I've now cut all ties with Amway. Many of my uplines have quit too, for obvious reasons.

I recently asked a couple of my uplines who quit about why they quit. Its amazing that even after years of quitting this horrible cult, they still defend amway and feel it is a great business opportunity. I was speechless at their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The fact that many persons who quit Amway still defend it as "a great business opportunity" shows clearly that we are dealing with a cult that has propagandized its adherents in a deep and ineradicable way.

A "great business opportunity"? Amway? That's like persons who survived the Titanic saying that "it was a great maiden voyage."

This is an example of what professional con-men call "the perfect con." By this they mean that the victim of the confidence game STAYS conned, even after he has been cheated out of his money. Con-men say that this trick is very hard to pull off, as most people finally do realize that they have been cheated and robbed. But if you can somehow convince the person that his loss was purely accidental, and not related to the planned operation of the confidence game, he'll stay conned forever. Only very skilled and experienced con-men are able to pull off this delicate trick.

Amway and its goddamned rotten little subsystems (WWDB, BWW, Network 21, and all the rest) have managed to impose "the perfect con" on many IBOs, who even after they lose money and quit are still convinced that Amway was a great business opportunity, and that failure in it was THEIR fault, not the Plan's fault.

Partly this is the result of very slick propaganda, but there's something else. Psychologically, it is more comforting for some people to think that their losses were purely accidental, or due to some mistake on their part, rather than the very humiliating thought that they were tricked and fleeced. If you know that you were cheated, you have to admit that you were a silly fool. There's no disgrace in being robbed at gunpoint, but there is deep disgrace in losing your money in a fixed three-card-monte street hustle.

Amway is a cheat and a fraud. Part of recovery from Amway involves having the humility to admit that you were an asshole for getting involved in it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous from Aug 12,11:21- Well said. The cult leaders are very good at stealing your money without having you know that you have been stolen.

I often talk to active IBOs on Facebook and other sites posing as someone who doesn't know anything about amway. They praise amway like crazy. They say it's the best opportunity on earth, the most honest and ethical business with unlimited potential. They talk about owning private jets and islands some day. Yet, when I ask them for some income proof from amway, like bank statements, they get defensive and say that this business is based of faith, and that they can't share any income proof as it is against company or system(BWW,WWDB etc) policy. Of course,we know they are not making jackshit from Amway. What hypocrisy! They brag about some upline owning a private jet and yet say they can't share income proof. They immediately block me on facebook saying that this business is not for people like me. I can't control my laughter! How can they not see Amway is such a losing proposition!