Friday, August 31, 2018

Success Is Right Around The Corner?

When I was an Amway IBO, I heard the saying over and over. Never quit, success might be right around the corner. There were countless stories by diamonds and emeralds of how they were on the verge of quitting, but stuck it out and somehow "made it". I also heard stories about why people should not quit because even if you were told "no" a thousand times, the next prospect might say "yes" and turn your entire business around. This mindset is almost like a gambler who thinks the next hand or the next roll of the dice will suddenly start the beginning of a good run.

I believe these are all heartfelt stories. However, I believe that many stories are embellished and made to order. Or in other words, made to fit a standing order. If you listen carefully to many of the standing orders, you will notice that the higher pins were consistently sponsoring people and generally achieved the platinum level in 18 months or less. There are exceptions of course, but the majority of stories I heard seem to have had the same theme. Those who were destined for success achieved some significant level in less than 2 years.

But for IBOs and new recruits, if you aren't constantly bringing in new people to the open meetings, and sponsoring new people, then you are very unlikely to ever achieve much in Amway. Statistically, less than one half of one percent ever reach platinum. Thus if you are unable to grow your organization or group, then you are unlikely to be that one who "makes it". Success is not around the corner as some uplines will have you believe. If you take 100 "no's" and then someone finally says "yes" then chances are that person who said yes, will "do nothing", or do little and wind up quitting. Chances are that person won't sponsor anyone or show anyone the plan. Chances are that person won't even be in the business a year later.

It might be a good idea for IBOs to take a step back and take an unbiased look at their business and their business activities. Is your group growing consistently? Is your volume increasing each month? Are you able to get people interested in seeing the plan on a consistent basis? If you answered "no" to any of these points, then you are unlikely to progress and achieve in the Amway business.

One important thing for people to note is that there are many ways to achieve your financial goals and dreams. Amway is probably not the best vehicle for most. The numbers speak for themselves. If less than one half of one percent ever reach platinum, where allegedly, IBOs finally see a profit, then I would say your chances of success are better elsewhere, even if that is a second job. The average "active" IBO earns about $200 a month according to Amway. Considering all IBOs, then the average income is probably about $100 a month. You can earn much more than that working 4-5 hours a week at minimum wage.

Is success right around the corner? I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

" Amway is probably not the best vehicle for most."

Wow, a gross understatement.

Anonymous said...

Our community has had the very unfortunate opportunity to watch a family in our neighborhood engross themselves in the unlucrative amway business model. The husband is the primary person involved with Amway as an IBO and/or URA person. The wife has a full time day job outside of amyway and then attends the amyway meetings and events at night and on the weekends to support the husband. In reality, the wife has two jobs. They are FOUR years in and still no new cars. Both husband and wife are driving cars that are over TEN years old and one is leaking oil. The husband and wife who are involved in the Amyway business are in their mid 30s AND are living with their parents since starting the Amway business! Both parents have full time non Amyway day jobs. Really? Want more? Oh the house they are living in is a RENTAL! They don’t even own the house. So there are 4 adults (or more) living there to pay the bills. Three of the adults have regular non amyway jobs and one person works for Amyway. If Amway was soooo lucrative why aren’t the other three adults quitting their day jobs and joining Amway? Because the non Amyway day jobs are paying the bills!
It is suspected these individuals tell prospects that they own the house and if you join amyway, you can have what we have but if you knew the truth, they have nothing! Lie until you make it right? It does not appear they have generated any wealth since joining Amyway. All of us have watched new prospects show up and then soon disappear. In four years there are only TWO individuals involved with Amyway that have consistently showed up out of sooooooo many. Clearly you can see that the odds of making it in Amyway are very low.
If the Amyway business model is sooo lucrative why are these two individuals still living with their parents in their mid 30s? Don’t believe any story stating they are there to help family, it’s a temporary situation, or they believe in charity work. Not true. They are living with their parents (who are enabling them also) because they can’t afford a home or to live independently while working at Amyway. Think about it. Four years in: Where are the new cars? Why are they renting? Why don’t they own a new house?
Don’t believe any posts on social media sites stating how great their life is because they work at Amyway. A picture with folks smiling saying they live the high life is just a picture with no facts supporting the statement. It is just a picture and nothing more. I guess this amyway person is living the high life because he has his parents helping pay the bills. Don’t pay an Amyway person’s rent.

Success is right around the corner or is Debt right around the corner?

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the typos above. Amyway should be amway or maybe scamway is better. Our community has zero negative interest with being forced to watch this pyramid scheme live. Shocking that the parents who are in their 50s are onboard with this scam and encourage their young adult children to continue with this high fail rate (non)career path. Very dysfunctional family environment and not to mention all the lies they have told others including the famous amway line "all these cars are showing up because we are having bible studies". For any of you all downlines thinking of getting out. Do it! Stop listening to the lies. Stop handing over your money so your upline or URA mentor lives the "high-life" and you become poorer. The economy is booming now! Companies are struggling to find workers which is a great opportunity for you to apply for jobs and get some really great work experience quickly on your resume.

Pay yourself and every time you had your money over to your upline or URA Mentor, remember this, you are paying their rent, their trips, and their life style of not working. They will smile and always make you feel welcome because they know it will make it easier for you to hand over your money to them. Just say no.

Anonymous said...

No one involved in an MLM racket will admit it, but sometimes you have to cut your losses and just QUIT. The notion that "winners never quit, and quitters never win" is pure cultic propaganda. When a business is persistently and unchangingly non-profitable, only deluded cultists continue in it.

The Amway family described above is exactly of this type. Four years of being in Amway, and no down-line yet? How stupid can these people be?

Also, three non-Amway jobs have to provide the income for involvement in the Amway fraud? How insane is that? It seems to me that all four persons (the husband, the wife, and the two parents) are caught up in a dangerous delusion that will eventually lead to a catastrophe. What happens when the parents get too old to work?

If you've been in Amway for four years and you still have no significant down-line, your business has FAILED. Get out. Quit. Leave!

Unknown said...

There are many things about the Amway "business" that I don't like and you just mentioned a BIG one. Manipulation. Telling someone "winners never quit and quitters never win" is a good example of this and Amway is full of these sayings and cult-like manipulations.

Another manipulation tactic is manifest in the functions. They are actually using a form of "brainwashing" or mind-control or programming that the military has used successfully for many years. The functions are designed to get you so fatigued that your normal defense mechanisms are removed and the propaganda goes directly into the sub-conscious part of the mind. The "System"( tools, tapes, functions, etc) was designed by Yeager/Britt in the 70s to keep IBO's from quitting. They tell you they are programming you for success but are they? or are they programming you to keep you doing your 100 PV every month whether you ever go Diamond or not?

Joecool said...

Of course they want people to "never quit" because anyone who quits makes a dent in the diamond's income. In business, sometimes the only smart thing to do is quit. If your business is losing money month after month, unless something substantial changes, you will keep long money month after month and it's stupid to "never quit".

Quitting Amway doesn't mean giving up forever and not trying to better yourself. It just means that Amway doesn't work and another strategy needs to be employed.

Anonymous said...

We shared above the nightmare experience of having a family move into our neighborhood with the intent of running an amway business out of the house where they lived. Our neighborhood lived in HELL with the constant flow of traffic and cars due to prospects constantly coming to their house to hear the amway scamway 2 to 5 year plan. It was unbelievable! In the house lived the father and mother, daughter, and the son in law (daughter’s husband). They were using our neighborhood as a staging area to fool the prospects into believing that if they worked hard on their amway business, they could have a house like the one they lived in. The one thing that the prospects didn’t know that the neighborhood knew, these individuals did not own the house, they were RENTERS! They would only water and cut the lawn the night before they had their scheduled amway scamway prospect meeting! We can not confirm but we are sure that this family was telling prospects that they own the house. This particular family lied sooooo much to the community to hide the fact that they were illegally running a scamway business out of this rental home against city code and HOA rules. They lied and stated it was bible studies or another one was “we are consumers of the amway products”. Lie, lie, lie. Sound familiar?

Well our community is happy to report that these losers have moved on after putting our neighborhood through hell for 4 and ½ YEARS!!! Oh but wait. Doesn’t that fit nicely into the 2 to 5 year plan? They should be buying their own house now with cash right? They should have brand new expensive vehicles right? WRONG! All 4 individuals have moved into a NEW Rental Home in a new neighborhood to continue with the scamway business. They left with the same vehicles they had when they moved in 4.5 YEARS ago! Three of the 4 vehicles are now over 10 years old! One car is definitely leaking oil. And let me point out that the middle aged amway scammer and wife are still LIVING with mommy and daddy.

So what happened? Where is the success? Why is everyone still working in the household? The person who is involved with amway had mommy and daddy paying half the rent to support this scamway business. When they finally left it was noticed by some that there were at least two other adults living in the house as well. With all these adults living there and at least 4 paying the rent, they have NOT acquired enough amway residual income to buy a new house? If these amway scammers could NOT succeed with the 2 to 5 year plan with at least four adults or more paying the rent and monthly bills, do you really think someone living on their own has a chance at succeeding at amway? Chances are slim to none.
I have no respect for anyone involved with amway. The agenda is to simply bleed your prospects and downlines dry until they have no money left at the cost of others including neighborhoods, communities, family, & friends, etc. We watched HUNDREDS (if not a thousand)prospects come and go in 4 ½ years!!! Only a few diehard amway life time cult followers regularly showed up.

I guess if you have mommy and daddy paying your bills (and you want to live with them until you are in your 40s)while you play fake business owner, then go for it. If you don’t, think twice about getting involved with these people who are out to drag ya along until your money is gone. These people will smile and tell you how happy they are to have you in their lives. They are smooth talkers for sure and want you around as long as you have money to buy amway products whether you need them or not.

To any prospects reading this, we hope this story helps you see the truth. Thank you Joe Cool for this website. It got us through amway HELL!!! You have no idea how much this website helped us.

Anonymous said...

The entire Amway Corporation, along with all of their rotten little LOS subsystems, are nothing but a pack of STINKING LIARS.