Friday, May 22, 2009

Amway - Can You Be Successful Without Deception?

I've seen the Amway commercials about two friends starting a company 50 years ago. 50 years ago, the business opportunity was much simpler. People solds things for a side income, often door to door using the little red wagon as their means of transporting their goods. At least that's how it was portrayed in the past. LOL

Later, as people started to build organizations, it was hard to continue to build and motivate groups. That's when the systems were born. The system was created (to teh best of my knowledge) to help build and motivate groups, especially distance groups. That way an IBO leader would not have to be present to motivate his groups, at least not all the time. In the beginning, the system was not a big moneymaker for the IBO leaders. Apparently, with advanced technology, the system became more efficient and the tools could be mass produced at a low cost. That's when greed started to set in and the abuses, now known as the "tools scam" began.

Although some groups and/or IBO leaders may mention tools profits, and that rank and file IBOs may one day be able to share in tools profits at a certain level, the tools business still appears to be shrouded in secrecy. It is not common knowledge among IBOs to know exactly how to qualify and how much profit you may receive from tools. In fact, it was not that long ago when IBO leaders denied making any profit from tools. It seems now that most groups have "taught" their groups that they not only make a lot of income from tools, but that they deserve it!

It brings to be the subject of my title. Can an IBO be successful without some deception? Can an IBO be successful without a lot of decpetion? In my opinion, the answer is NO. The business opportunity has too many problems for most people to be able to overcome the problems and succeed. I will elaborate;

The name Amway has a stigma, and much of that stigma is justified. IBOs have done crazy things such as lying to tricking people into attending recruitment meetings. It is still happening today. IBOs even make up stories about their products. The biggest joke in years had to be the promotion of "perfect" water. The prices of Amway and Amway partner store products are higher on average than retailers such as WalMart and Costco. In fact, for many products, it's not even close with WalMart winning hands down. Yes, Amway offeres aa bonus incentive program, but that bonus does not equal the cost savings alone that WalMart offers. Team are also taught to lie about their opportunity. They denied that Quixtar has any connection with Amway, or they call Amway a franchise, or they associate themselves with a motivational group such as WWDB or N21 and make up ridiculous stories such as "we work closwely with Amway". The reailty is when you sign on the line, you become and Amway IBO.

So can you be successful without deception? Most IBOs are unable to succeed using deception. Therefore, being upfront and truthful probably makes it less likely that you can be successful promoting Amway. IBOs may find this hard to believe, but there are many ways to make a buck. Many of those ways are easier than Amway.


Anonymous said...

JoeCool you are deceptive. I don't know why you keep lying and bashing Amway just because you failed at it. Why don't you quit blogging then I won't have to keep coming here and bashing you.

Joecool said...

Yes I know, I am deceptive and lying and bashing. Maybe just for once you could tell me why I'm deceptive or what I'm lying about?

BTW, anonymous, how's the weather in Michigan?

Gina said... can not build a profitable business without deception, and they know it.

Anonymous...instead of making blanket statements why don't you be more specific and indicate where exactly JC is lying.

Mike said...

Joe I would have to agree with the premise that one cannot be sucessful in the Amway business without being deceptive.

Joecool said...

Yes, you hear of IBOs saying thei are upfront with everyone. While that is good, it is highly unlikely, maybe impossible that an IBO can succeed in that manner.

mrmaximum said...

Well, from time to time you get some people here who post here and on other sites about how they build the business without deception. But unless I'm mistaken, it is much slower, much less money, and much more work. Then again, some people cannot put a price on itegrity.