Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amway - IBOs? Hello? You Are Not Amway!

Amway did over 8 billion in worldwide sales last year. They also have a sales partnership with various big name companies. I believe Bass Pro was one of them. The Amway owners are wealthy and have achieved billionaire status, apparently. That is great for Amway!

IBOs, you are not Amway. Sorry for breaking the bad news to you, but you are not Amway.

IBOs are "Independent Business Owners". Although they are the middlemen for Amway products, they own their own businesses and Amway's Global success means nothing for the vast majority of rank and file IBOs. In fact, is not for IBO purchases, which make up about 96% of Amway's sales, Amway North America would probably have sales of less than 40 million dollars.

So while it is nice to be proud of the company that supplies their goods, Amway's success does not apparently trickle down to most of the IBOs. The average IBO, makes about $115 a month (Amway's numbers) and Amway subtracted out about a third of their IBOs when calculating that figure.


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