Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amway - How The Plan Sucks In New Recruits

I remember seeing the plan in a hotel setting for the first time. It was quite impressive and by observation, I believe the plan is pretty much presented the same way now as it was back when I was an IBO, save for the online features of ordering products.

The speaker would start out talking about "his" situation. He was in a job, but suddenly realized he wanted more in life. He also talked about how many Americans are living in debt, and that interest, inflation, income tax and insurance ate away at your paycheck. You go from work to home to work to home not thinking about it, but living in a "rut". His life was at the mercy of his alarm clock with weekends off for good behavior.

He says his life changed when some guy he barely knew called him up and asked if he would be interested in seeing a business presentation. A business that can be run part time, in your spare time. A part time business with low risk, low overhead and you can do as much or as little as you want.

The speaker then went on to mention that thru Amway, you can get products at a 30% discount and on top of that, you also get a "rebate" or "kickback" based on volume.
Thus you can either make money or at least save money by getting involved in the business. The speaker also mentioned that through partnerships, they have major brand product, etc.

All of this makes sense on the surface, until you take a more critical look as the business. For example, Amway and partner store products are not 30% cheaper than you can purchase them from Walmart or other big retailers. That is an outright lie. Also conveniently not mentioned was the cost of the foolproof system. (I hear that some groups mention the system now, but downplay the expenses associated with it). How many people would register if the speaker said upfront that you (if dedicated) would need to spend money to register, and then spend about $300 a month on products, and another $200 a month (or more) on the system? Keep in mind that couples expenses are generally double of a single person. All of this expense and work for a fraction of a 1% chance of reaching success?

The plan is crafted very well. Get the prospect to agree with certain things, such as income tax taking a bite out of your paycheck, then talk about how the speaker was the same way, until he discovered Amway. Then add in some deception such as Amway being 30% cheaper than buying products elsewhere. This is how prospects get sucked in.

This blog was created so prospects can make a more informed decision about joining or not. If the person recruiting you discourages you from researching the opportunity, run for the hills!


Mike said...

That is one of the major issues that I had to confront in the business. The need to have just the right responses to questions, "Have Ammo just in case you have to go to guns.", was a catchphrase used.

I sold cars for a very short time when I realized how much "skirting" arond the truth was allowed.

Anonymous said...

Joecool, it's time for ignorant people like you to be taken offline and eventually to jail. I understand that we live in a country where freedom of expression is not only allowed but encouraged. However, that freedom has limits as anything else. Any abuse can turn that freedom into persecution and I have the feeling that's what you're doing here. See, freedom in the hands of certain people like you is a dangerous thing. The fool simply doesn't know where to stop. If you continue in your ignorant attitude to commit to this form of abuse, you'll eventually live the consequences of your actions.

Joecool said...

Anonymous from Canada, maybe once and for all, you will have the courage to actually tell me what is wrong with what I have written, or what kind of abuse I am heaping on you? Did I hypnotize you and force you to come read my blog?

Anonymous said...

Joe, and they say YOU have anger issues.


- MichMan

Joecool said...

LOL, this anonymous poster keeps telling me I am wrong and I am lying but never points out what is wrong or what I am lying about. I wish he would so I can correct my errors.

Gina said...

LOL....seriously???? Freedom is allowed and encouraged except when that freedom is excercsed by someone with differring views. Right....

How ignorant can one person be to believe that anyone sharing an opinion or view can possibly be taken offline and put in jail? No wonder your an IBO.