Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amway - Listen To Your Upline?

When I was recruited for Amway, one thing I vividly remember was how I should listen to my upline. That they had my best interest at heart and would never advise me to do anything that would hurt my business. In fact, one of the steps of "CORE" is to be teachable or be coachable. We were to submit to upline. People who can humble themselves to take advice from upline would be successful. I believe that in many groups, this is still taught and emphasized. There are pieces of evidence on the internet that some major groups still teach this.

What is interesting though, is how upline takes no resonsibility for IBOs who do what they are taught but fail. The system and upline are often credited for the few successes that they churn out, but they absolve themselves of any responsibility for IBO failures, which is almost all IBOs who get involved with Amway. In fact, upline "love" often turns to de-edification to an IBO who fails. If an IBO gives their all and fails, and subsequently quits, suddenly that once up and coming star IBO is now labeled as bitter, loser, or negative. Upline justifies this by saying that the IBO walked away from the group and the "friendship". Never mind that the failed IBO was faithful and did what was taught, only to be led astray by an upline who profited from that IBO's efforts. This also instills a fear in current IBOs. They fear quitting as they do not wish to be labeled or ridiculed should they decide to walk away from a business that is siphoning their bank account in the form of overpriced products, cds, function tickets and books.

For many if not most IBOs on the system, the upline leaders are ruthless conmen with nice suits and nice smiles. They will "love" you when you are gung ho and dedicated to their foolproof system, but will quickly shun you if you start to see the flaws and question the system. It is why I started blogging, to inform unsuspecting prospects and current IBOs of what they may be experiencing.


Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, do you not have anything better to do in your sad life than to continue to bash Amway with your feeble stories? If you spent time building an Amway business, you would be a founder's diamond by now. You should get a life and start doing something useful like cleaning the toilets at your church or feeding homeless people.

Joecool said...

Seriously, it sounds like you are bitter that I write these articles. LOL Don't Amway folks have more original lines than having Joecool clean toilets and stuff?