Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amway - Never Quit And You Will Make It?

One battlecry I heard as an IBO, and I am pretty certain it is still taught, is that an IBO will eventually succeed if only they don't quit. Uplines may use some superstar as an example, such as Tiger Woods would never quit. It is true that Tiger Woods will never surrender a tournament. He will try his hardest until he completes the last hole in a tournament. The problem is comparing a business to a sport is not a fair comparison as I will explain.

Golf, football or other sports are loaded with stars and champions who will never quit. However in sports, the tournaments, games and seasons come to an end. While Tiger Woods may never give up, the tournament will end and he will not win them all. A football game will end and the players will go home. Sometimes in certain sports, when a game is out of reach one way or another, the substitute players enter the game/ It doesn't mean a team has quit or given up, but have come to the realization that they might be better served to fight again another day.

However, there is absolutely no evidence that someone never quitting Amway will result in success. The only guaranteed success will be your upline pocketing standing order and function profits if you stay in the business. To say never quit may be applicable in the context of don't quit trying. In other words, if Amway doesn't pan out, look for another business and give it a run. If not, it's like telling someone they will eventually win the lottery if they keep buying tickets. It's simply not true.

The intesnt of this post is not to encourage someone to up and quit their Amway business, but to get IBOs and prospects to take a critical look at their businesses. Are you able to do what is needed to progress? Are you finding people interested in the business or have you resorted to deception? Are you able to sell the products? If you can't, then chances are your downline can't. Are you keeping track of expenses and making a net profit? A business exists to profit, not to make you a nicer person or to takes losses month after month.

If you are not achieving what was promoted by your sponsor, you should think about your future prospects. If it doesn't look good, don't quit, but consider another opportunity. Amway is not the only business opportunity out there. There are many ways to earn extra money, you just need to find them.


Anonymous said...

JoeCool, just admit it. You quit, that's why you failed and now you bellyache and bitch about Amway being the reason you failed.

Anonymous said...

Very funny Joecool. You have a double standard on quitting. Quit but don't quit just move on. Tricky logic there but regardless you quit because you didn't believe in making it and not only that but you didn't and still don't believe in using your own products. That's a sign you'll quit your business and you did.

Joecool said...

Anonymous #2, my point is that there are many ways to earn an income. Amway doesn't work for most. If business is your passion, find a business that works. Amway has too many issues to work for most.

mrmaximum said...

And at the end of the day this is what we all have to do. If something isn't working, and we have given it an honest go, then we need to re-evaluate what it is we are doing. To be a basketball player you are typically a certian height. But Mugsy Bogues at 5'3" made the NBA and was a good player for quite a few years. Basketball worked very well for him so there was no need to change his passion.

Heck, we can even use Brock Lesnar. He was in the WWE and eventually decided to try football. Tell me, by this logic of never quitting, does that mean that heavyweight UFC chamption Brock Lesnar is a loser because he quit football after his first setback?

Nothing works for everyone, we all have to find out what works for US personally. if you are doing something and it isn't giving you the results you seek, you are insane to keep on trying it hoping it will eventually work.

Both of you anons, take a look at the amway business opportunity from a business owners perspective. I bet money that the AMO's are STILL saying it's the best and the only opportunity out there. WHY then are 'smaller' companies like avon and even Walmart Canada SMOKING Amway's ass? Avon is JUST cosmetics....ONLY cosmetics and Amway has a full product line....once again, WHY ARE THEY MAKING LESS MONEY IF THEY ARE SO AMAZING??Sorry, that business is simply NOT the best way to make money, take it any how you want to take it.

Let's look at McDonalds as I have stated once before, most people know that if you can even qualify for a McDonalds franchise, you will make money. This is why the franchise fee is so high, they can afford to look for the best of the best when people come see them. BTW, notice that, anyone ever stop you on the corner or in a store to sell you a McDonalds Franchise? Heck no, they don't need you, YOU NEED THEM. Get the picture?

McD's is still the largest chain in the world, notice that too? There is no illusion about money or what that business can or will do for you. There are no lies (unless you consider what the food will do to you in the long term). There is no 2 - 5 year plan that really means 10 - never. MOST PEOPLE KNOW THAT THE MCDONALDS SYSTEM WORKS, whether you own one or you don't.

The CANNOT be said about Amway no matter what illusion you want to believe!!

Anonymous said...

McDonalds is a traditional franchise and not private-franchising, thats why it takes so much capital to start. People can start an Amway business for so cheap that they do not treat it like a business. They treat it as a hobby, therefore, it doesn't work out for them. In my first month I went 1000pv and its been going up ever since, each and every month.

Anonymous said...

are you making a generous profit?