Monday, May 4, 2009

Amway - Justifying Failures?

One of the things the speaker talked about when I first saw the plan at a big meeting was how people justify their position in life. For example, a father may say a certain school was good enough for him, therefore, that school is good enough for his children. Another example was a wife wanting to take an Alaskan cruise so her husband says look in the freezer if you want to see ice. The speaker went on to say that people justify their position in life to make up for a lack of income or resources.

Thus when you join Amway and go diamond, it was implied that you no longer have to justify these things. That you can now afford the Alaskan cruise, send your kids to exclusive schools or colleges. The sky is the limit for a diamond. All you need to do is find your six directs and life will be rosy. That message was loud and clear. You start to think that finding six can't be impossible. You start thinking that you will be the next diamond adn reap these rewards.

The point of this message however, is for IBOs. Are you justifying your losses in Amway? Are you spending $250 to $300 a month on Amway products and making $10 a month? Are you additionally spending $100 or more on tools? What justification are you using to assure yourself that spendi9ng $400 or more each month is a good idea in exchange for $10? Are you getting good value for your dollar or are you simply willing to part with that money in the hopes of going diamond? Are you on track to make some money in Amway or are you participating in a hobby that slowly drains your resources? Are you actually successful in Amway or are you faking success in the hopes of attracting new prospects? Are you really successful or justifying a business that is losing money?

Take a good look around yourself at your next meeting or function. Are people progressing or do you see the same speakers month after month, meeting after meeting. Are you growing or justifying your continued participation in the business? Are you justifying failure? Businesses exist to make a net profit. If you aren't, then what are you doing?


Anonymous said...

We were in the Jody Victor line of sponsorship under Team MMP and we wasted thousands of dollars on his CD's and seminars. We were constantly led to believe that the secret to success was on the next CD or at the next seminar or conference.

We were told our true business was "Team MMP", not "Q" as Jody referred to Quixtar. We were told it was better to cut back on product purchases if we had to make a choice between tools or products.

Over time we began to wonder - What kind of business won't refer to their "main supplier" by name to the point of hiding the fact that we were actually in Quixtar. We were led to believe we were in Team MMP and Quixtar was just our 'OCS' Order Consolidation Site.

My wife caught on about a year before I did. If I had listened to her, we could have saved a few thousand dollars more.

We are so glad to be free of that filth.

Joecool said...

Anonymous, my experience was similar to your except I was in WWDB.

Frozin said...

I put a complaint in with the BBB about WWDB. All should do the same.