Monday, October 19, 2009

Amway Apologists Are In Denial?

The battle continues between Amway critics and Amway apologists. The apologists like to cite new platinums, but do not mention that just as many, and possibly more platinums dropped out of qualification. They like to cite Amway's growth, but fail to mention how the growth is apparently in foreign countries and not in the US and Canada. Even if there are more platinums or growth, it doesn'e mean anything and I will go onto explain.

In a platinum group, there are in many cases, 100 downline IBOs. Most if not all of tehse downline are losing money or making nothing, and it is worse, especiialy if they are buying voicemail, standing order and other tools. An IBO who does nothing may still lose money on website fees, or at the minimum, registration fees. Yes, they might be refundable, but many IBOs are not aware of this, or are not interested in asking their sponsors, or simply write up the loss as a life lesson. Thus the more growth, or the more platinums, the more downline there are losing money.

I also understand that Amway is not a game of chance, but your odds of achieving a significant income can be compared to winning a lottery. Even those who put forth an earnest effort are rarely rewarded with upper echelon pin levels and "passive income" rolling in while you walk the nicest beaches of the world. Amway supporters are wanting to show what is "possible", but showing the best case scenario is deceiving and IBOs do not realize "what is likely" until they have already participated and wasted their hard earned cash on tools that do not work.

There doesn't appear to be any connection with the amount of effort an IBO puts in with progressive amounts of income. While you can argue that succeeding takes hard work, there are probably more cases of hard work resulting in financial losses or possibly financial devastation. I personally witnessed a crossline losing their home to foreclosure and a crossline winding up in bankruptcy, all while following upline advice to keep pouring money into tools even while these IBOs made no progress in terms of sponsoring downline.

The Amway Apologosts can continue to deny the shortcomings of the Amway opportunity, but for me, the results speak loud and clear.

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