Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amway - What Is The "System"?

One of the things I was told by my upline was how we needed to follow the system. That the system would guarantee our success if only we applied it. As far as I know, there is no unbiased documented evidence that the system works. Even if there is an occasional platinum or diamond, you must consider the hundreds or thousand who did not succeed when evaluating the viability of a system. Let's look as some of the system components with Joecool's commentary.

Website: This is obviously necessary to have an online business. The question is whether you are getting good value out of it. For example, if your website costs $20a month and your bonus is $10 a month, you need to move more products or sponsor more people to increase your volume. Of course, your downline will then have the same problem you just addressed.

Functions: IMO, this is the biggest waste of money associated with the Amway business. For one, functions (including major functions) are the most expensive part of the system. And despite the cost, it takes an IBO away from his business for a time period, and returns very little or nothing in many cases. Additionally,
many IBOs will wind up pay for a standing order which was recorded at this very function!

Standing order: Another big waste of money. A weekly cd or tape subscription wher you hear some diamond or higher up talk about how he was nothing but never quit and is now a diamond. Often, the speaker will emphasize never quitting and attending more functions. My sponsor used to tell me that standing orders can sponsor people if you give them away. I know fo nobody who was sponsored by listening to a standing order.

Books: Some books may have value as they may offer self improvement ideas or relationship advice. However, oftentimes, books can be purchased cheaper at Barnes and Noble instead of from your upline. And not all books are useful.

Voicemail: It can be a good tool, but IMO, it is useless for the way people use it as IBOs. If you are using it to allow customers to place orders or leave messages for you, that is fine. But if it is only to contact your upline, I don't believe it is worth the price paid.

All in all, some tools can be helpful but in most cases, an IBO will not make enough of a bonus or cover any one of these expenses. IBOs need to analyze for themselves and information seekers should take this to heart.

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