Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amway - Your Business Dashboard?

When you drive a car, you have instruments on your dashboard that let you know how your car is running and possibly whether you need repairs. For example, you have a gas gauge so you know when to refill the gas tank. You may have a oil pressure gauge, tire pressure, and an indicator to show how warm or cool your engine is running. My car has a light that comes on when I need to change the oil or service the engine.

Your Amway business also has some gauges. Unfortunately, many IBOs are taught by upline to ignore these indicators or made to think that warning signs are not to be heeded. I will explain further, but I believe too many IBOs see the signs, but simply have been trained to ignore these vital warning signs.

Selling products. Are you buying more PV than you are selling? I believe most IBOs do, and AMway numbers confirm this as there is on average, about 1 customer for every 4 IBOs, and only about 4% of Amway goods are sold to non IBOs. No business can sustain itself without selling to customers. Why IBOs think they can succeed without customers is because of bad upline advice or teaching.

Non income producing activity. If you spend a lot of time listening to standing order, reading books, attending meetings and prospecting people, these activities do not produce any income. In fact these activities cost you money. Sure, eventually prospecting may pay off, but are you getting a fair return on your time and money spent doing these activities. If you pay for standing order but are unable to do more than 100 or 200 PV, then your business is not even covering the cost of standing order, not to mention the other costs that your upline may have told you was "needed".

Tools. If your expenditure on tools (cds/meetings/voicemail/website fees) continually exceeds your monthly income, you need to take a look at what it will take in order for your business income to grow. If not, you will simply take a loss month after month. If you are not sponsoring or finding more customers every single month, you are simply running in place and you will expend energy (money) and not get anywhere.

Are you showing the plan? If you are having trouble finding people to see the plan, then you will be unable to sponsor enough people to expand your volume. Also, an inability to show the plan also restricts your ability to recruit potential customers. Do people flinch when you mention Amway? These are signs that should warn you that the opportunity is not palatable to most people, despite what you hear from upline.

The warning signs and gauges are there. IBOs simply need to believe their own eyes.


Anonymous said...

You probably need to check up upline as some upline are fairly new or never had a group before you came along. Whoever told you to ignore the warning signs and gauges are moarons as what Larry always said it. Your car is not god car, it will need maintanence and checking.

Tools and stuff like that are there to help you run your business, nothing is required. If you cant afford them, borrow them from upline to help you and your downline.

Anonymous said...

How helpful are these 'tools' actually? I've never seen a tape, but I'm certainly curious. From what I've been able to gather it sounds like a bunch of motivational garbage. Do they actually teach how to budget, how to keep a P/L, how to manage your expenses? Do they teach how to market, how to inventory, how some expenses are applicable to your taxes?

Or do they really just get your spirit up and motivated to continue trying to recruit your own downline and submit to upline 'teaching'? Do they tell you that you are a winner, that you are succeeding, even if you can't pay your gas bill and are behind on your rent? Do they fill your head with ridiculous quotes about how you shouldn't pay attention to your present results and instead focus on what's inside of you? What crap.

I think it's interesting that many people go to school to obtain business and marketing degrees and yet a tape you pay eight bucks for is going to teach you how to do the same thing? Really? I'm a little skeptical.

Incidentally, I just did a quick search on Ebay for Amway tapes and you can get a lot of 72 of them for $4.99. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey man don't even bother to look into this business opportunity. Based on how you think, write and look at it you don't qualify to be in this business.

Anonymous said...

What? Not enough mispellings or exclamation points for you? Do I need to spell it out in all caps and namecall? You are absolutely correct; my education, common sense, and life experience clearly indicate that Amway is a terrible 'opportunity' for anyone.

Anonymous said...

I am a new ibo and i believe in the product. I have high intentions to win in this business. and will on my terms, I go when i need and feel to, i buy when i want i am a winner and this is my business.

Anonymous said...

good luck!