Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amway - Upline Mentors Or Cut Throat Businessmen?

Based on my observations of diamond's behaviors over the years, I have come to the conclusion that many of these men in nice suits and flashy smiles are in reality, cut throat ruthless businessmen. I would not be surprised if some of them would literally steal candy from a baby. During my tenure in Amway, I heard many instances of "never miss a meeting" and "do whatever it takes". These kinds of thins were said to downline IBOss without regard to the IBOs likelihood of success in Amway. One diamond even suggested that a family could skip a meal because something heard on a tape could turn your (Amway) business around for the better.

Sadly, the result of this was incredible IBO turnover, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, and IBOs overspending to meet upline goals, regardless of an IBO's profitability. It is my guess that these IBOs have all quit since my time in the business. I would also guess that even the most abused IBOs never bothered to file complaints because the group was taught that failure was IBO responsibility, no matter how much effort was put in.

The wonderful diamonds will parade around on stage, showing off displays of wealth such as mansions, jets, sports cars and fabulous vacations. All of this was supposedly attainable by the rank and file IBOs if they will only do what the upline diamonds advise them to do. It is all a lie. Since I left Amway and WWDB, I believe more diamonds have quit or moved onto other ventures than new diamonds have emerged. What's more, seems there are countless numbers of lawsuits pitting diamonds versus diamonds. I believe these lawsuits are born out of greed over tool money. Tools income is still a dark secret to many. While some leaders may speak about platinums earning a share of some tool income, how much and the qualifications appear to be shrouded in secrecy. Something that Amway accreditation was to fix. But it looks like the AMOs have skirted the parameters of the spirit of accreditation. Sad, but not surprising.

What is really hard to swallow is knowing that many IBOs, young, motivated and eager to achieve, are often needing and/or wanting more income. Thus they are open to the possibility that the Amway opportunity afford them that "break" that they needed. Upline will use this as a means to suck them into the system, telling them that the tools (voicemail, books, standing order, functions) will nearly guarantee their success when the opposite is true. The tools nearly guarantee failure for the vast majority of IBOs. The tools only guarantee profit for those who sell the tools. What is troubling is that these uplines do this while trying to pass on the impression that they are mentors to their downline. What the unsuspecting downline doesn't know is that some of these upline mentors would steal the shirt off their backs, literally. If you are new, your upline may loan you or even give you some tools to appear sincere. But once you sponsor someone or decide to build a business, the bar will be raised and you will be expected to be a leader and buy your own tools.

Beware, many diamond leaders are simply cut throat businessmen wearing a nice suit and a nice smile. Don't be fooled.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I was in Amway a few years back and I sort of thought the same thing after a while. Another thing the diamonds did was belittle people's occupations and they also made it sound like Amway was a smarter option than getting a college education. These folks need to be taken to the woodshed and beaten for the damage they have done to so many people's lives.

Anonymous said...

i have seen lot of these BWW Diamonds who look good in front of the stage but treat their group like piece of shit. I have seen Vishal Jain yell one of his team members who was a single lady Q-12 who picked him from the airport. she was caught in traffic and came late to pick him up. he yelled her in public. not surprised that we don't see that Q-12 single lady anymore. Same story with sugeet if you don't have new people in the conference there is lot of behind the doors yelling and screaming. I have seen tirtankar dutta exactly the same way. A jerk of the highest order. I have seen so many of the higher pins in his team vanish over the period of time. they get abused so much. this is called empowering in the biz world. to get you into the business, they will bend your back..i am glad i am not in the crap anymore. it is better to be broke at 65 than busted and broke and bankrupt in 25..

colin said...

Maybe the bww diamonds just want the bww higher pins to quit so they can take over their entire groups.

Joecool said...

Colin, what you say is profound. If you think about it, many diamonds are greedy. They have shown that to be true. Do you think you profit more by breaking pins or by driving out the leaders and keeping the downline group?

Anonymous said...

What a rant by a bunch of ignorant people! I guess, it doesn't take a genius to write your lines. Since the internet is free, you think that you are not responsible for your own comments, everything goes. I can just make stuff up and you would take me for granted. Because everything goes on the internet!

Joecool said...

The same can be said of your comment. You are allowed to make ignorant and untrue statements and worse yet, you post under anonymous.

Anonymous = from Scarborough Canada

colin said...

I still see people like Brad Duncan move up the ranks in terms of pin level. When he made crown i thought gee maybe he forced some higher rank ruby or whatever to quit and taken over his group. All he has to do is to cut out a diamond or whatever from a tool money and abuse them.

Joecool said...

My understanding is that WWDB leaders, because they continued to run product pick up, were able to manipulape PV and group volumes. Thus they may have been able to create their own pin levels and may have even bunped up downline that they favored.

Anonymous said...

Ah.. Vishal Jain, I cant fathom how people stick around this guy. He is a total jerk. In one of the night owls after a seminar he did, one of the crossline platinums asked if he had a good trip for which he started going on and on about "he does not like it when ask how was your flight, how are you doing and so on. What difference it makes to make such small talk?." You should have seen the look on the crossline platinum's face.

These guys once they reach higher pins excude so much bull shit arrogance (they think it is attitude). All his talks are like "You are a sissie if you dont show the plan...sit at your home and suck your thumbs." If you heard one of his talks you have heard it all.

As far as Sugeet Ajmani is concerned, he should be awarded PhD in "How to Manipulate people?". If you have been in the business a few years and if you dont bring anybody new, he would not even acknowledge your presence. He would make you feel like a worm and to earn so called respect from him some people go out and perform..total crap. But if you belong to one of the legs he is personally working with, he will shower all his attention on you and make you feel that such a big guy being so down to earth with me (he would show his true character in few years). One of his favourite ways to motivate men is to say.. "What do you think, just because you have ding dong between your legs, you are a man?. You have to go out and achieve, bring your wife home and so on. "

His wife Kaajal Ajmani is one b****. She would walk in with such arrogance and expect people to have hot indian tea ready for her at all time.

Anonymous said...

anon from canada, shut your trap before i WELD it shut!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an attitude the failures in Amway and life in general have towards other people who have something that they don't. They are motivated by pure jealousy, hatred and coveting. If you were to have the opposite attitude, you would have those same things. It all has to do with attitude no matter how much knowledge you have.

Joecool said...

I am in no way jealous or envious of people to lie and deceive others to gain wealth. I don't hate he diamonds either. I feel sorry for them that they have to resort to such treachery to earn a living.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I know exactly the seminar which you were talking about..The way he bashed somebody because he asked "how are you"? Vishal Jain thinks he is super intelligent. That is the problem. He doesn't have any new material. He is full of crap.. I felt that there are just handful of leaders who actually did the work and then talked. Most of them say the same old thing over and over again. Vishal Jain, Manipal Reddy, Kankan, Sugeet. For this response, they may answer the business is simple that there is no complication. But if you are one of the leaders who walked the walk, it makes it more relatable. If Amway only publishes the actual list of qualified diamonds, we will know. Kaajal Ajmani had an affair with their Emerald (AW) which resulted in Emerald quitting the business. She is serious bitch who literally think she can walk over anyone.

Anonymous said...

I met lot of Amway "buisness people" at various levels. VJ was an "Emerald" at the time. I said I would become a "Crown". I have, just not within Amway.

You see, few months after I started I was told, their line of business was going to England. So, I happily paid $150 for the membership + tools etc for England. During repeated reminders over 2 years, I was told, "Don't worry about, everyone has paid". But, I was not happy with their answer, and smelled something was not right.

So, I kept asking, and I wowed never to give up on the grounds of principle.

TWO years went by, during which time, I thought seriously about MY ability to achieve what I wanted through the Amway method. i decided the uplines' attitude, lies did not fit my ethics. So, I decided to attend less, then to quit.

Since, my sponsor was my cousin, I kept asking what has happened to the $150 paid. He ignored the statements.

Until one day, I was ready for his reply. When he gave me some lame excuse. I said, "Do you realize I have contacted Amway about this?" He quietly walked away.

Magically, two weeks later I had the full refund from his sponsor. I suspect they thought they would all get a piece of my $150.

They were VERY fortunate, as I was ready to take to the next level, as I had all my evidence ready to contact FTC to investigate the matter. If that got me no where I was prepared to go to the media, BBB.

I WANTED answers, as I did not even the basic material.

DON'T fall for these tricks. DON'T be scammed. If you like to give away your money, that's your choice.

I DID like some of the core products. But, since, the day I got my refund, I MADE ONE PROMISE TO MYSELF, they will NEVER EVER earn a penny from me. IF I did to buy some products, I will to someone else. Because, I know I will be contacted again.

Fortunately, with god's blessings, I am doing much better, earning the level of income I wanted to, I own 4 houses & 1 business, but still have a job. No, I am "retired". Since, most people don't really retire even in Amway, as that is a Myth. "Diamonds", "Rubys" or whatever they call themselves need to work to support their lifestyle. It does NOT run on Autopilot.



TURN ACTION into hard/smart work.


AS FOR MY COUSIN: He is still working, doing something, including Amway.

Anonymous said...

Amway IBOs from top to bottom are blood sucking vampires, they will suck your blood and money.

Anonymous said...

Amway’s new hierarchy of evilness:

Diamond IBOs and above = Draculas
Emerald IBOs = Vampires
Sapphire, ruby and platinum = Witches
Rest of the useless IBOs = Zombies

“Live the cult dream”


Anonymous said...

u bloody loosers.... amway k baremein aise bat ayinda kiya...sale ko zinda dafna dungi.

Anonymous said...

Amway leaders are so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. They are so self centered and manipulate people with continuous brain washing garbage to their downlines. All the top earners of Amway are making a majority of their income from Britt World Wide (BWW) system that includes books, CDs, meetings, business seminars and major functions. The best part is that there are 4 major functions in a year and each event ticket costing over $100 which does not include hotel, food, fuel etc.

1. Winter conference (January)
2. Spring conference (April)
3. Summer conference (July)
4. FED (October)

Anonymous said...

there there, now. :)

SM said...

It is not true. We have many a times not taken any new prospects to the conferences but Sugeet treated us with respect.

SM said...

I agree. People who want to become overnight millionaire by doing Amway and BWW without working for it are the ones who put such comments.