Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amway - Most IBOs Do Nothing?

I saw some recent discussion and some people were debating the average income of Amway IBOs and how $115 a month as reported by Amway is a lot considering most IBOs do little or nothing. Well, that $115 a month average income survey is 9 years old. Somewhat laughable when Amway defenders like Bridgett Baron likes to hang their hats on the possibility that Amway critics claims are outdated. Maybe Bridgett should complain that Amway's own information is old and outdated. I wonder what updated numbers would reveal? And even smaller average income?

Also, what many people are not aware of is that the average income figure as published by Amway, excluded IBOs who did nothing. It only counted "active" IBOs, although Amway's definition of active can leave you scratching your head. Amway describes active as someone who attended a meeting or attempted to sell products. However, we know that unless you actually sell something, you won't make anything and certainly attending a meeting takes money away from you, and is not a way to earn money in Amway. Let me also add that Amway diamonds are also a part of the average income so the "average" is very likely inflated by the six figure income of the diamonds.

To me, the biggest question is why do so many IBOs get interested enough to sign up and then do nothing? It is my informed opinion that there are several reasons why this happens. I believe that some IBOs are such pests, that their prospects sign up just to get their IBO sponsor to leave them alone. While it mae not be common, I believe it happens. Also, I believe some IBOs go into shock when they see the prices of some products. This will cause newbies to realize that the business is nearly impossible before they even get started. Or, an new IBO will go and talk to family and friends about Amway and will get shot down because in North America, just about everyone seemingly had, or knows someone who's had a bad experience in Amway. Sadly, the experience may not be a result of Amway the corporation, but of unethical IBOs who may lie, cheat or trick people into attending meetings. Some IBOs actually get started but soon realize that that Amway opportuniy along with the systems such as N21, WWDB or BWW, simply becomes a money pit with the tools and system expenses exceed the monthly Amway income. A few IBOs will bite hard and stay dedicated for a few years or more. Many of these IBOs end up reporting losses that may exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

Sadly, many IBOs and prospects are recruited by family and friends. Thus even if they quit or have a very bad experience, they just quit and disappear. Folks generally will not file complaints with Amway or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). So IBOs, even if you did little or nothing in Amway, if you got ripped off or treated unethically, you may want to consider filing a formal complaint with Amway or with the BBB. So why do so many IBOs do little or nothing? I believe the answer is crystal clear. Most IBOs do little or nothing because it's not worth the effort for most as very few IBOs will ever attain any kind of significant income. In fact, doing nothing is likely to get you a more favorable result than someone who attends the functions or who subscribes to standing order.

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colin said...

There's a fee at my local BBB to file a complaint and a bit of a hassle. Maybe it's not the same way with other BBB. Only thing i done was to pass out literature at amway functions reguarding this scam.