Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Amway - Why Motivation Is Needed

I read on another blog, written by an IBO, that he needs motivation. That getting around other motivated people is what keeps his interest flowing and basically gives him the will to keep building the business. He says he's got no motivation to do the same at his job. Oddly, it is his job that is paying his bills and giving him seed money to run his Amway business. But it seems that all diamond leaders in Amway run motivation businesses. In many cases, the motivation business is the primary business of these diamonds, as there is more income in selling motivation than there is in selling Amway products. The question is why is so much motivation needed in the Amway business. The answer is quite simple.

A lot of motivation is needed in the Amway business because most IBOs don't make any money. In fact, most IBOs participating in functions and other training are losing money. Because so many IBOs are losing money, a lot of motivation is required to keep them interested. Also, upline leaders must take the focus off an IBO's financial losses by telling them that their involvement in Amway has made them nicer people, or that they are better fathers or husbands as a result of Amway. Some leaders might tell you that money isn't important, but the friendships you build in the Amway business. Ironically, many IBOs who miss a few meetings or quit Amway will find that many of their Amway friends only have a superficial relationship with them. Or "fair weather" friends, if you will.

If IBOs actually earned what they expected as shown in "the plan", there would be very little motivation needed. The ongoing monthly income would be enough to keep someone motivated enough to keep working the business. For that same reason, people keep going to work, even when the conditions might not be ideal, because we need to earn a living. If I had earned a decent net profit in Amway as I was promised, I would probably still be in business today. But IBOs do not earn net profits. The vast majority of IBOs lose money, because of the expenses associated with receiving motivation. It's ironic that the motivation, which helps retain IBOs, is the very reason why most of them will end up with a net loss, and in some cases financial ruin. Some IBOs in my IBO days were so dedicated that they went bankrupt trying to build the business. More than one couple ended up losing their homes because they probably listened to the advice of upline who had the idea that you should attend "all" functions. All meant all, regardless of the cost or whether or not it would benefit the IBO's business. I recall a special 1000 pin and up meeting where the speaker told the audience about how long you could skip your mortgage and not have your home foreclosed. I suppose it was to imply that attending a function was more important than meeting your financial obligations.

That's right folks, a lot of motivation is needed in Amway because most IBOs are making nothing or losing money. Look at your bottom line. Is it a net profit or a net loss after you subtract expenses? I bet for most it is a loss. It is why so much motivation is needed. IBOs actually making an income would not need to be motivated by standing orders and functions.

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